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The National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP) was formed in November 1980 as a response to the growing concerns of the African-American community and their place in the political ecosystem. To date, the NBIPP remains as perhaps the most prominent example of Blacks breaking with the major two-party system of Democrats and Republicans.

The NBIPP was formed on the heels of a three-day convention held in Philadelphia, Pa. at Benjamin Franklin High School between November 21-23. Over 1,500 delegates consisted of leaders from the Black Power Movement and other related progressive groups gathered to officially form the party. The gathering was held just after the 150th anniversary of the first Black political convention of September 1830, which was also in Philadelphia.

Keeping true to its overall mission, the national charter expressed its concerns and aims in pointed fashion.

“The National Black Independent Political Party aims to attain power to radically transform the present socio-economic order. That is, to achieve self-determination and social and political freedom for the masses of Black people. Therefore, our party will actively oppose racism, imperialism, sexual oppression, and capitalist exploitation,” the charter stated.

Much of the NBIPP’s language was taken from the same concepts enacted by the aforementioned Black Power Movement and Pan-Africanist leaders. The group has been studied as an example of how the fight for equal rights among Blacks has evolved over the decades.

The NBIPP disbanded after just six years with little in the way of explanation. Although several books have since been written about the rise and fall of the NBIPP, few outside documents point to the machinations behind the party’s end.

The late scholar Manning Marable was a notable leader of the party.

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