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As if anybody is surprised, little Riley Curry is now a model!

The wide-eyed, spunky three year of Golden State Warrior MVP Stephen and Ayesha Curry took the Internet by a storm when we first met her on stage at her father’s post-game press conference last year.


A year later and she now has her first gig with Freshly Picked Moccasins, a high-end baby and toddler shoe line that was first seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Dubbing her as their “littlest and freshest Creative Director”, the $80 shoes have been seen on Monica, Kourtney Kardashian and Ciara‘s little ones.

Watch Riley’s debut here.

Guess Who: Kids Of Celebrities III
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(Photo Source: Freshly Picked Website)

4 thoughts on “Too Cute: Riley Curry Lands First Modeling Gig [WATCH]

  1. So if she weren’t light skinned would she have this job? I’m so sick and tired of rich black athletes all marrying the same type of light skinned, blonde, or Hispanic women then we fall all over them or we’re “haters!” How sad was it most of black man in the Best Man cast wasn’t married to a black woman???? The media has really brainwashed black people on what real beauty standards are…..please cancel Chrissy Tiegen show so she can stay home for good and be a mommy and stop pretending (I’m still mad she trashedTamera Houselys pregnancy announcement then turned around and did the exact same thing using her pregnancy for ratings for that horrible talk show)!

  2. I love seeing dads with their little Angels, it’s the way it’s supposed to be; keeps men in line, and keeps the daughters on the right path to finding a future husband with those same attributes of their father. Like DL the comedian said, his only job in life is to keep his daughters off the pole, lol; in which he has successfully done, and all his children have graduated from college, and I think one is in the process of obtaining his MBA…salute to all fathers in their daughters life. Here’s to Riley having a long and prosperous career in front of the camera 🙂

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