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The war between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher continues as Barnes puts the New York Knicks coach on blast for informing the police about their infamous fight during the first weekend of training camp.

The New York Post reports that despite the issue staring to die down and fall under the public radar, Barnes brought it back to light by telling the Los Angeles Times, ““We’re two grown men who should have handled two grown men’s business, but he wanted to run and tell the cops and the NBA.”

Barnes’ comments come as the NBA still investigates the Memphis Grizzlies star’s situation with Fisher. The Post notes that the altercation between the two occurred the home of Barnes’ estranged wife, Gloria Govan.

Realizing the possible sparks between Fisher and Govan, Barnes became angry and immediately went to Govan’s home to physically confront his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate. .

Although Fisher has remained silent on the incident, Barnes has taken the opposite stance with speaking out about the situation.

Nevertheless, folks will see exactly what goes down between the Barnes and Fisher when the Grizzles take on the Knicks on Jan. 16 in Memphis.

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5 thoughts on “Matt Barnes Slams Derek Fisher for ‘Telling Cops’ About Fight

  1. Anthony B.... on said:

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  2. Timothy Green on said:

    Hmmmms so he’s mad at dude cause he wouldnt keep quiet about his N!GGERISH BEHAVIOR!?!?!?!?! … a grown ass man going out of his way to attack a grown ass man, over a woman that he’s no longer with … uhmmm hell nah bruh!!

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