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18-year-old Daquan Minor‘s life dramatically changed back in 2013 after a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Minor was a typical teen playing sports like basketball, football and high-jump before that fateful night. In fact, Minor explained to ABC 13 he was leaving the gym when the vehicle he was in hit a curb and flipped over 5 times, leaving him with a spinal cord injury.

When he first arrived at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital, Minor couldn’t move nor feel anything below the waist line. Now two years later, after a lot of hard work and diligence, Minor is taking steps on his own. He was even able to walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma.

Despite his miraculous progress, Minor is still on the road to recovery. But that hasn’t stopped him from giving back to the hospital that has helped him make it to this point.

In addition to his own rehab, he volunteers with TIRR by helping and talking with other patients.

He hopes to one day become an occupational therapist.

Keep pushing on Daquan!

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