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Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja, who shot and killed Corey Jones as he waited for roadside assistance, was still on probation and therefore unqualified for undercover surveillance work, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News.

Nonetheless, at about 3:15 a.m. on Oct. 18, Raja, 38, who was in his sixth month with the department, pulled up alongside the stranded Jones, 31, in an unmarked van and exited wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a ball cap, the report says. He had been conducting surveillance on suspected burglaries.

Via Yahoo News:

But the department’s written procedures, obtained by Yahoo News through the Florida open records law, require that surveillance operations be carried out by tactical officers or detectives. As a new hire, Raja was still on probationary status and assigned to patrol. Nothing in his personnel file indicates other duties…

“It looks like they assigned an untrained officer to conduct surveillance,” said police practices consultant Chuck Drago, who read the department’s surveillance policy at Yahoo News’ request. “Surveillance is an art and it takes training and practice. I think the PD will have to explain the use of an untrained officer in such a position.”

Palm Beach Gardens chief Stephen Stepp, who approved the surveillance guidelines in July, did not respond to an email from Yahoo News seeking comment about why Raja was assigned to surveillance work.

Benjamin Crump, the civil rights lawyer who represents the family, said Jones was licensed to carry a concealed gun, but was likely unaware that he was being approached by a police officer.

A musician who also served as a church drummer, Jones was headed home from a gig when his car broke down. He had just called roadside assistance for help when he was confronted and shot by Raja.

SOURCE: Yahoo News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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5 thoughts on “Florida Cop Who Killed Corey Jones Was Unqualified For Plainclothes Work, Still On Probation

  1. This coward idiot of a Police Officer should be fired! He didn’t even pass the probationary period! This punk should not be allowed to be a Police Officer. This behavior/mentality has to come to a halt; and now is the time. This is muster this Officer committed!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I’m more surprised by the number of comments the articles of Mr. Jones received vs. the 100s for the student and the So. Carolina cop. Although the scenarios are different, one man is dead as a result of an over-zealous plain-clothed, unidentified cop and dangerous stranger to Mr. Jones. I guess to some Mr. Jones life doesn’t matter.

  3. This is absolute nonsense. It makes my skin crawl. How do you just walk up on a man in the middle of the night and expect not to be scared for your life? So in turn shouldnt he be as well?? So you walked up on him and THOUGHT he was going to be submissive to your requests and in turn you end up taking an innocents man’s life and hide your excuses behind your profession. ABOSLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I hope they sue for money as well. We cant fight them physically but we CAN SURE hit them where it hurts. I’m a FIRM believer in making an example out of these people. Downright disgusting…….

  4. reflections on said:

    Time to smear the victim. Now the charter assignation begins to justify another murder by police. Here come the three important lies: I thought he was reaching for his waistband, I was in fear for my life, and I thought he had a gun. qualified immunity, and blue privilege and unlimited paid vacation with paid benefits.

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