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Once again, a video of officer misconduct is going viral. A female student in a high school classroom in Columbia, South Carolina refused to leave the classroom after she reportedly became disorderly. A school security officer was brought in to escort her out of the class. Instead, he threw her out of her chair and onto the floor while her horrified classmates watched.

The New York Daily News reports:

A video recorded by a student at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia showed sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields asking a student to get out of her seat. He stands over her desk and tells the student, “either you’re coming with me or I’ll make you.” Without giving her time to get up, he grabs her and flips her over, slamming her onto the ground.

The school’s resource officer then drags her out of her chair and tossed her across the room, as students watched speechlessly. The deputy pinned the senior student down as he puts her hands behind her back. He tells another student, “I’ll put you in jail next.” The high school senior was not injured and released to her parents, cops said.

Students said the officer has had a history of roughing up students.



The officer flipped her over and then tossed her across the room during the arrest, the video showed.

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55 thoughts on “South Carolina Teen Slammed To Ground By School Security Officer In Classroom [VIDEO]

  1. Morals and Values on said:

    Just because some people on here are not kicking the cop to the curb….. I don’t think many people on here including myself are condoning what this cop did but this child was asking for trouble……. but the thing is she just got way more that she bargained for. She was defiant in class and chose to ignore what was told of her. She had many opportunities to put up her phone before it got to the point that it did. In my eyes she was wrong as well. Back in the days when I was in school the principal would have paddled her. (With the parent’s approval from the letter signed at the beginning of the school year if the parent allowed it.)She should have respected the teacher’s orders to put away her phone….. just as the principle told her to put away her phone. So when the terminator had to address her …..well we saw what happened. But respecting your elders is something that should be honored and taught in the home. I was taught what ever you don’t learn at home the streets will teach you in its own way. And she got it the street’s way. But I can guaranty you that she will listen from now on when an adult ask her to do something.

  2. Simply Horrified on said:

    To the ignorant people that are calling that child out of her name are part of the problem. Yes her behavior was wrong. No one is upholding her for what she has done. But the officer was extremely wrong the way that he man handled that child. You guys keep saying that her parents should have taught her to respect authority. Her parents more than likely taught her to respect authority. We all know that when we are upset we do not do what our parents taught us. The officer should have been fired a long time ago. The school officials are saying that they do not tolerate that type of behavior from the officer. The way it is being told, he has always been violent towards the students. That was the reason the students in the class would not look in the direction of that officer. He should not have been employed at the school. Especially after being sued for violent arresting a man and his wife because his music was too loud.

  3. If that were my daughter. There’d be two beatings. I’d whip her behind for being disrespectful and listening when she was told to leave. Then I’d whip the cops behind for obvious reasons.

  4. WillowFan on said:

    The parent is the only person that has the right to discipline a child. Growing up I didn’t want to be in trouble with a teacher or principle, not necessarily because I thought of them as the authority, but because I didn’t want to be in trouble at home with my Mom thinking I was acting up in school. What I got from my teachers and principle was that they had my best interest at heart and that’s why they directed me as such. This is a very troubling incident and I can’t imagine being treated as this young lady was at her age.

  5. ambientbake on said:

    Parents – stop raising disrespectful, foul-mouthed, POS’s and teach them to respect the law, and others in positions of power. Classmates describe her as a bully to other students – sounds like she got exactly what she deserved. Too bad the cop will have to pay the price for her.

  6. Stop makin EVERYTHING a race issue. She was being disrespectful to everybody and she thought she couldn’t be touched. I think she got what she deserved. If he didn’t do that, she wouldve been terrorizing that whole place!! If the Deputy hadda been Black, HE shoulda did the SAME THING!!!! Oh by the way…ima a Black WOMAN AND a Mother, but don’t tolerate disrespect from ANYBODY!!!!

  7. David Davis on said:

    It’s sickening to see the manner in which this red neck cop assaulted this child. It’s pathetic to see the teacher standing idly by. I’m tired of seeing these racist cops act out their red neck fantasies of treating African Americans as less than human.

  8. Linda Nwoke on said:

    We Jump to defend our children when they are wrong and not following directions, but we don’t raise them when they are right and following directions. How many times was she asked to leave? Is this a common behavior from her? Does the video show everything?

  9. does anybody think if that girl was white would that cop have dragged her and tossed her around like a piece of trash. I don’t think so. Some cops just hate blacks. Some cops are cops so they can have a license to kill blacks. Period

  10. This is easy.

    We have two points of view here.

    1-If we make sure we tell our children to respect anyone in authority they WILL NOT AND CAN NOT BE subjected to the meaness THAT IS in this world.

    2-This is yet ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the THIN LINE of love and hate. People will smile and act as
    if their your friend to the end BUT if you cross them IN ANY WAY – thier TRUE COLORS come o out in a NY minute.

    That piece of trash needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY and Prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT of the law.

    There is NO WAY the actions of that fool can be justified. Had that been a black policeman
    treating a white girl like that – the man would be planning his visit to the unemployment
    office in the next few days.

    That action that we have just witnessed is ANOTHER EXAMPLE that some people [don’t think] that black lives matter. Treating a teenage girl like that.

    One of the most important questions all voting African Americans should be asking ANY CANDIDATE for federal office is ‘what are you going to do about updating [police conduct rules] if they are elected.’ AND MEAN IT!

  11. My only comment is this: If that was my daughter, the so-called resource officer would need a lengthy hospital stay followed by physical therapy in order to recover from his injuries. He deserves to be “dealt with” like he handled that little girl. I’ve grown tired of seeing the heavy-handed treatment of African Americans by law enforcement. The worst part is that there are people who are capable of convincing themselves that these violent behaviors are appropriate and necessary. How evil and delusional must one be to condone such insane violence? BTW, my daughter would have hell to pay for her insubordination in school. But I wouldn’t choke her and throw her across the room though!

    • My sentiments exactly PW. If I had a child acting up in school -make no mistake there would be
      hell to pay when they got home. I was over 6 feet at the age of 13 and KNEW I’d pay if I acted up
      in school. My 5′ mother just didn’t play! People can act up if they want! Trash out there WILL do
      anything they feel necessary including kill in order to solve the problem.

  12. What would you do? on said:

    Before I get started yes I am black man not pretending before I get accused of not being one. On BAW we’ve seen so many situations like this (policemen and citizens confrontations) but there are two sides to every story. I believe everyone has there own level of tolerance. Should we test those levels….? Well that’s depends upon your level of discipline, self control and respect for others. YES this officer was clearly wrong for handling this child like this (and as a father I would have had to speak him concerning his actions but I would also would have had to speak with my daughter as well) but at some point we have to start putting some of the blame on the person we are trying to show sympathy for because they to play some part of the situation that unfolded. If she was being disrespectful to the teacher and the class something had to be done if she was told to leave the class and insisted not too. That’s when the problem started. That’s probably one of the reasons why that school has security because of unruly students that need to be dealt with on another level than just talking to them. My wife is a teacher and some of her students will try your patience and tolerance. Like I always mention on this site fixing this crap starts at home and we will not have situations like this. If she would have left the class as instructed the results would have been totally different. I always teach my children that every decision that they make not only affects them but others that are around them as well. If you don’t know what to do then…… think what would Jesus do. My children have seen many situations where a fellow student is unruly in class and you all most have to do something like this to get them to move because of their stubbornness and resisting to follow the direction of their teacher. Our children need to be taught limits, boundaries along with spiritual guidance which will limit situations like this. I know some of you will slam me for making these statements but it’s the truth and you know it. That’s just like a story I read of a man snatching a woman’s purse and when some good Samaritans came to her aid and kicked that guys A**. He had nerve to get mad at them and wanted to sue for injuring him. Duhh! What about the woman you just traumatized? (No boundaries + no limits = whatever happens) What happens in the home will happen in the streets. Peace… I’m out!

    • What you are saying is absolutley true. But what say you when your daughter is slammed against a wall for talking back to her husband. What if he tells you, you should have taught her never to talk back to a man. What say you if your wife is stopped by a police officer and dragged from her vehicle and thrown to the ground for simply asking him why he stopped her? What would you tell her, you shouldn’t have said a word, just because he is an officer. If we continue to accept this type of treatment, it will only get worse. You try slamming your child against the wall and see where you are in about 30 minutes. they won’t care why you did it. The fact that you put your hands on a women will be good enough for them. Yes children are disrespectful, but the system has it set up where only law enforcement is allowed to give corporal punishment. And if you are ok with this treatment, I only hope and pray that your wife and daughter are never in this situation. As a black man it should distrub you to see this type of treatment to a child period!

      • What would you do? on said:

        I see you keep focusing on the surface of the issue. I am a realist and I seek logic to determine the root cause of situations. Like I said before I do not agree with the officer’s actions and we all have a part to what happens to us by our own actions. Think before you speak and don’t act on a situation that you are not clear about. Use wisdom to dictate your motives. But before you can try to correct me you must know where I have been! I was beaten by the police many years ago because I resisted and drove off (basically panicked because I was driving on an expired driver’s license…only weeks expired). Bad choice on my part. After they finally surrounded me with guns drawn I stopped and did as I was told. But after I was cuffed and still laying face down on the ground one officer about the size of a linebacker (white) decided that he wanted to teach me a lesson and proceeded to punch me in the face at least 5 times while he was kneeing me in the neck. Yes I was angry but if I would have reacted who know what else would have happened to me. The only reason he stopped I believe is because I we limp to see if he would stop and he did. So I was like hmmm so he does have a heart. But I truly could not get mad at anyone because I brought this on myself. I made a stupid decision with unpredictable results. But to make a long story short I stayed about 3 days in jail. Not once did I speak about what happened… I prayed to the Lord for forgiveness for my ignorance for not thinking before acting and for Him to guide me though this unfortunate situation (41 yrs old First time ever getting arrested). I remained a gentleman as I always have and did what I was supposed to do while I was in there. But see I was raised not to see color and be accountable for what you do and to never accept the face value of people, seek their heart. God said to seek the hearts of man….. He said that for a reason. So no matter what color you are everyone is capable of doing wrong at some point in time. Correct own actions first is the best choice you could ever make. I learned a lot from that ordeal and that’s why I always have a different view. I had eventually told my wife and parents about what happened about the cop punching me. Yes they got upset and wanted to whip some A**. But they knew running downtown making an a** out of themselves wasn’t the answer…. You know think before you react ….. So we got a lawyer and just so happened there was a case building against those officers and my name dropping in the hat was the tip of the iceberg. You see me and the other clients had a smart lawyer that kept things on the down low until she was to spring in action (using wisdom and knowledge to fight the battle). She had so much of stuff on them they couldn’t do nothing but hold their heads down in shame. Lets just say we won civilly and she insured that it wouldn’t did stop there criminal charges as well if needed. I didn’t follow her case after that but I learned a lot and changed a lot for my family. I saw a side of the system I didn’t want to see again and I made sure that my wife and children (son and daughter) would not fall in that same pit fall. I trust in God for my wisdom and guidance that I instill in them and be the testimony that I should be to others. I always have and will continue to strive to be a good Christian man for my family (who happens to be black and proud of it) but that one day I wasn’t thinking straight and we are all entitled to those days but we reap what we sow.

      • What would you do? on said:

        I hope you are not thinking I’m ok with someone getting treated the way the girl was because I am not. I don’t know why you are trying to justify your thoughts based upon those scenarios that you gave me. Because they actually don’t make sense. If that child is being properly disciplined at home or not her actions clearly got her in trouble. And its crazy to justify her actions based upon what the cop did… they both were wrong. But most people think you are if you are expressing concern about both parties involved instead of the one everyone is mocking about you are a sell out. Both parties will get their due justice if done correctly. But to actually answer your questions I hope that I taught my daughter enough to know that if she is in an abusive relationship she needs to get out. Because at that point love becomes an emotion rather that a physical characteristic of the relationship. And since we have an open father and daughter relationship she knows she can come to me if she feels threatened by someone especially a man she is dating or married to so it can be dealt with accordingly. And if he did hit her I am not saying he will not get a shoe print on his A** after I ask him “Did your father every teach you not to hit a woman?” (Just in time before cops got there). As far as my wife I hope that she has enough common sense to know that if a cop feels threaten by her, ease the situation. So at that point just listen to what he has to say and do what he says to keep her free of harm but in knowing that we will deal with his crap on his own playing field not in the streets but in the courtroom.

  13. Take a walk through your local school and you will see first hand what these teachers have to go through every day and in every class …. Kids are flat out disrespectful, disobedient, and unruly. Teachers can no longer do ANY discipline nor are they allowed to.

    ++++ There is a reason American education is failing in urban environments and our children are being left for failure, because failure starts in the home when we do not raise respectful children

  14. Ed Russell on said:

    What is not being shown? The student being disrespectful to the point the officer just had enough? Remember a student film it on his or her cell phone, Only the fight part and not the beginning of the confrontation. I side with the Officer this time. Too many young student today are so disrespectful. Adults try to talk to them as adults and many times meet with such disrespect and unruliness. What not being shown says a lot too. Leave the Officer alone

    • I tell you what ED, try dragging your child or your wife across the floor and see where these officers that you agree with takes you. Straight to jail. This is a female child. If this was an athelete, we would all go crazy. Yet this is a child and it ok? are you kidding me?

      • Timekeeeper on said:

        No Lynne, they are not kidding an that is the saddest part of all. the officer’s actions were bad enough but the fact that some on this post think it was okay is frightening.

    • What would you do? on said:

      But what some people don’t understand there are two issues here the officer’s actions and the student’s actions. We are only focusing on the officer’s actions because that’s all we see. This little girl had a lot to do of why he was in that classroom. Don’t get me wrong I am not agreeing with the officer’s actions but he got called to that room for a reason. My understanding of security in schools is to be used as last last option. If that girl was being unruly in class and was told to stop and didn’t, if that girl was told to leave the classroom and didn’t…… oh well…. this was the result of her actions another undisciplined person not following the rules just like her.

  15. Nancy ODell on said:

    That was just brutal. She did not deserve that. I believe in enforcing the law, but he was out of line. I’m glad he got fired!!!! Some police are on a power trip! I hope the girl is okay. I will be praying for that policeman!

  16. hoodtechie on said:

    Good, he should have flipped her on her head for being disruptive. Suspend her but for the remainder of the year and let the other students who want to learn, learn.She needs to be in an alternative school period, got no problem with what the officer did.

  17. D. WASHINGTON on said:

    If we as parents can not spank our children as we deem fit aka Adrian Peterson arrested and removed from his job, how then is it okay for a police officer to abuse our children for not doing what they “SAY”.

  18. What was the officer suppose to do? Just walk away because she did not want she follow the rules. Teach your kids to do the right thing. Black young people are out of control and very disrespectful. And I am a black father that tells his kids right from wrong.

    • Stephanie on said:

      A lot of you sound so ignorant, calling the child an Ape and agreeing with the officer. He was wrong for the way he handled her and maybe if someone picks your child up and drag them like a dog you could understand.

      PETER “Coward” JOHNSON

    • Stop hiding behind your comment by claiming to be a black father and as if that will make what you said ok. If young black kids are out of control then you must be talking about your own.

    • Chumpper58 on said:

      Maybe this young lady was on medication that caused her to act with disregard. A 25 year old drove he car thru a homecoming crowd in Oklahoma and she gets treated better. I don’t understand grown ass people condoning this cop’s behavior. This officer would not treat his own kid like this so why should he treat our kids like trash. Black people we had better wake up cause today it’s that young lady but tomorrow it may be you. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!

  19. While I do not condone this security officer’s UGLY behavior, all of this could have been simply avoided if the young lady had complied with his demands.

    This kid was no doubt being a disturbance in the classroom, which is why the teacher called for backup.

    As for Fields, he seems to have a pattern of harassing people of color and from the way he handled this situation he needs to be assigned to another school or possibly FIRED!!!!!!

  20. I will wait and see and wait on the whole story. We are so quick as a society now to react when we see these things. Maybe this cop was wrong, maybe this girl was wrong, maybe this cop overacted, mabybe this girl was trouble. Right now, we do not know. I am not going to overjudge this cop and I am not going to under estimate this girl either because we have a lot of teens who will hurt adults quick. Again, I will wait on the whole story, not clips.

  21. paulagirl on said:

    that police officer should have give the minor a chance to stand up and walk behind her to the principle office but they way he treated her as if she committed a violent crime
    i thought they were there to protect and serve not bruise and confuse
    her parents should sue the police officer, school and noone should be putting their hands on children unless they are breaking up a fight ..
    i pray he gets fired and sued

    the teacher just stood by and watched…

    • Ginna Lee on said:

      She was givin a chance to get up. The teacher, principal and officer all asked her to get up but she refused. Yes he was a bit rough but what is he supposed to do? Children now a days white and black are becoming more and more disrepectful to authority and it starts at home. Too many parents want to be little Jonny or Sally’s friend and don’t want to believe that their child could just need a good old fashion wooping. I was wooped and now guess what I turned out just fine.

      • Ginna Lee on said:

        Also there is NO REASON to call this girl an APE. All that does is make you (the name caller) look stupid.

  22. What if an animal had been slammed against the wall, then to jail you go ASAP, no questions and folks would be out with signs “Cruelty to animals” WOW

  23. Kymberle on said:

    She was a disturbance. . . This is for ALL parents teach your child to obey authority – but ANY adult that cannot diffuse this type of situation please ——-> exit the building

  24. Ohh here we go again. Maybe if the young ape had followed orders but know she was taught by her racist parents that white people are the devil and in her mind she was saying “F that cracka”.

  25. This evil, racist, devil needs to be fired, thrown in jail and get roughed up! Let him get a taste of his own medicine by some big burly inmates! I hope the student’s sue the crap out of him!

  26. reflections on said:

    This is what a warrior cop looks like. He is celebrated by his fellow brothers for taking down a harden criminal. He will receive a medal for his heroism. This abuse has been going on forever its just now we have video.

  27. Joc Bethune on said:

    It looks like slavery. Sad to say.
    I can’t envision a White officer slamming and snatching a White girl in class in front of peers.
    But maybe I’m wrong.

      • It’s mmodern-day slavery. We have got to come together as a people and stand together. Enough is enough. I’mnot condoning the girls actions but that prick was way out of line . Something has to be done and to me firing hhim just aain’t enough

      • my comment goes out to whomever this peter person is…. first of all, no person on this earth is an ape I don’t care what color, race or nationality you are. secondly who fuck do you think you are? if you have a daughter how would you feel if a black cop/adult went to the school and snatched your daughter up out of her desk and slammed her on the ground like that cop did that girl? you would want someone fired and jailed, and that’s exactly what should happen to that racist piece of shit. I don’t care what she was told to do it doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on any child in that type of way. she did not have a weapon nor did she try to do anything to the police so what makes you think in your sick twisted mind that she deserved that type of treatment. but then again from your comment I see that you are as racist as that damn cop and honestly both of yall need top go to jail.

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