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It doesn’t feel like fall until the air becomes crisper, until you see the leaves change color and hear them crunch under your shoes as you make your way from place to place, or until you’ve had your first pumpkin spice treat of the season – all these little signs let us know that fall is officially upon us.

Speaking of fall, Halloween — every kid’s favorite day of the year next to Christmas if your household celebrates the holiday — is right around the corner and all the grocery stores are overflowing with candy. With all of that candy comes with it the fear of cavities and weight gain.

Thinking about cutting back on your child’s intake of candy this year? That might not be such a bad idea considering the ongoing problem with childhood obesity in this country.

Here are five fun, non-candy Halloween recipes that are healthier and are sure to please everyone in your home. And the best part? The kids can help, too. Enjoy and happy fall!

1. Banana Ghosts

What you’ll need:

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate chips (can also substitute with raisins)


Press chocolate chips into half of a peeled banana so that they resemble a ghost face.

Recipe: [Spaceship & Laser Beams]

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