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LOS ANGELES (AP) — “The Cosby Show” alum Malcolm-Jamal Warner says the series’ legacy is “tarnished” by the sexual assault allegations made against Bill Cosby.

“My biggest concern is when it comes to images of people of color on television and film, no matter what … negative stereotypes of people of color, we’ve always had ‘The Cosby Show’ to hold up against that. And the fact that we no longer have that, that’s the thing that saddens me the most because in a few generations the Huxtables will have been just a fairy tale,” said Warner, who starred as Cosby’s son, Theo Huxtable, on the long-running NBC sitcom.

Actor and musician Malcolm-Jamal Warner poses for a portrait Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in Los Angeles. Warner, who won his first Grammy earlier this year for his work on Robert Glasper's “Jesus Children,” is currently promoting his new album, “Selfless.” He describes the third record with his band Miles Long as “funky passionate vulnerability.” (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

Warner said he has been in touch with Cosby, but he would not comment on their conversations.

“I think the things that we discussed really have to stay private between us. But it’s just a bad situation all around — for him, for his family, the women, their families, the legacy of the show,” said Warner during an interview Thursday.

Cosby admitted having extramarital relationships with several women, including some who now accuse him of sexual assault. He has never been charged with a crime.

Warner, who won his first Grammy earlier this year for his work on Robert Glasper’s “Jesus Children,” is currently promoting his new album, “Selfless,” out now.

He describes the third record with his band Miles Long as “funky passionate vulnerability.”

Warner is also filming “American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” directed by Ryan Murphy. He plays Simpson’s friend Al “A.C.” Cowlings.

“I grew up with a maniacal obsession with not wanting to be one of those ‘Where Are They Now Kids,’ ” said Warner of his busy year. “I feel very blessed to be able to have all of these avenues of expression … to be where I am now and finally at a place where I can let go of that worry about having a life after ‘Cosby.’ ”

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22 thoughts on “Malcolm-Jamal Warner Opens Up About Cosby Allegations

  1. Sister on said:

    OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE Malcolm on AHS Freak Show and Major Crimes!!!! BUT sadly I disagree. Too many other talented people on that Cosby set to say the legacy is tarnished. The MEDIA wants it tarnished for a story. NOW if one of the intelligent ladies on The Cosby/Different World sets comes forward then IT’S TARNISHED I’M DONE!!! A serial rapist etc would have went after the gorgeous women on one of these sets as well??? I’m not buyign the way the media ripped apart MJ it would have enjoyed taking down America’s Dad!!! These women wanted fame and did anything for it!!! My child met Cosby and Kevin Hart at Ohio State and said they were very funny! But she wasn’t some naive Hollywood bimbo seeking fame…….

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not buying any of the poor Cosby being setup by white America story. He was given the opportunity to be in a position to make money, careers, obtain fame and fortune. He abused this power on wide-eyed unsuspecting women, literally tainting drinks to further his mission. He has a sickness that dozens of women paid the price for. It’s his turn to pay now.

  3. Ginny Kane on said:

    The powers to be use to kill the black man for speaking the truth. Now they destroy them thur the media. The media will have you loving your enemies and hating your friends. The media is dangerous and it is white.

  4. I never for one second believed that bill Cosby actually assaulted these SHADY women. This is how the media works. They come up with an absolutely ridiculous but somewhat believable allegation surrounding an individual they choose to target. Then pile a bunch of “witnesses” to testify against them. People then believe it must be true if there are so many people claiming the same thing. They get away with it everytime because they know we will buy it and never think for once how absurd and random it is. This is the agenda towards bill. Was the same with Michael Jackson.. They give in/admit because they hope it will keep their image from being further tarnished. It’s a shame… When you’re successful and black it never mixes well. Wish they just leave people the hell alone, no one should live their last days like this.

  5. Babyboomer on said:

    I think what Malcolm Jamal Warner said was on point. The Cosby Show was a positive way of showing have many black families function. Maybe not doctors and lawyers as parents but good hard working moms, dads and children just the same. To remove those episodes from the airwaves is sad and I for one will miss them. Given what passes for television programming today (i.e.,House Wives who were never anyone’s house wife, Preacher’s of LA and many other sad reality TV shows .) there’s nothing positive or funny or uplifting to watch regarding Black families at this point. That show was a great counter balance to the nonsense being shoved down our throats today.

    As for the ladies who have come forward with the accusations, I wonder if it ever occurred to any of them to stay away from being alone with this “MARRIED” man. One lady was a flight attendant who said Mr. Cosby asked her out to dinner. Why did she agree to go out with a “MARRIED” man? There were others with similar stories. I’m guessing he asked others out who said thank you but no thank you because I don’t go out with “MARRIED” men. I’m not saying he had a right to assault anyone, I’m just asking, why did these women go anywhere with him alone?

  6. specialt757 on said:

    These women were seeked out. They had already accepted their accountibility for their actions. But someone (Gloria A) turned their experience into a nightmare and now they feel like victims. Well I’m not buying it. Should have shut him down immediately IF you were sexually assaulted as claimed.

  7. The least Malcolm Jamal Warner should have said is how much Cosby helped his acting career by giving him a chance to work in the industry, get experience working on the show and was a father figure to him at that time.
    I don’t like how the actors and other people in the industry who benefited from Cosby and the shows he produced are not willing to speak out on his behalf despite the fact that he helped their careers. They’re standing on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets, whistling looking up at the birds!
    To speak out about how the man help them along the way would not be a bad thing. It’s the truth.
    They’re taking his name off buildings, removing him from boards of directors, erasing him like he never did anything good. Okay, he might be a hypocrite, but we all have fallen short at some point. I’m sure there are more people Cosby helped than he has hurt. I’m not excusing his behavior, because if it’s true it’s inexcusable.

  8. THis situation is nothing but trying to bring Bill down, to ruin his reputation, the BIBLE says I will bring them down POOR, Rich Great and small, and here we are bringing down a man. yes who fooled around, but I look at these women who waited 70 years to Report Rape, and really they where all working at the Hugh Heffener Mansion, trying to get a part of trying to pick up a Wealthy guy! that is the bottom line. Bill cosby is not responsible for all these Rape’s and Janice Dickerson you cannot believe anything that Drug addict says. Bill pissed somebody off. so this how they repay him. it happening to a lot of Celebs,,

  9. Hey. All of Hollywood is fairy land but let me tell you this:There have been a lot of shows and movies that we all have watched and not know the actor/ actress personal business or social life. I really don’t care about what they do. I enjoy art the same as the music, the paintings and books I read. The Cosby Show was the only black show that came on in my youth that show positivety for black family so in my opinion itls not a fairy story. It was big too me and my peers both black and white. It was funny and I in my 40’s still will watch the re-runs the same as I still watch re-runs of Sandford and Son

  10. Jacqueline Perkins on said:

    It was a very positive show funny but…a little unrealistic for my taste the love between the parents was fake and cold she never got upset with each other always on the same page with the kids that’s not always true in large family

    • Ms Perkins, this show was not unrealistic. My parents are both professional, black, and married. They are on the same page. My parents have six kids. Not all black married couples are uneducated, poor and unrealistic. I get very angry when people especially people of color believe this garbage.

  11. The Huxtables image isn’t a fairytale, there are hundreds of thousands of blacks that go to college every year and become successful daughters and lawyers. This is what happens when people idolize celebrities, we don’t know what these people are doing behind close doors.

    • Excuse me, I meant to say, hundreds and thousands of blacks have become successful doctors and lawyers. I don’t understand the need to worship these celebrities. I never taught my children to look up to celebrities. My husband and I are who our children look up to and want to be like.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Children don’t have to be “taught” to look up to celebrities, it just happens through different media forms. Entertainers and their lifestyles are thrusts upon us every day through TV, Movies, Music, IG, FACEBOOK, Twitter, etc…We’re just glad when they (children) can distinguish facts from fiction when the time comes to make decisions. Kudos to you and your husband for being great role models.

  12. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t think “Theo” said anything against or for Dr. Cosby. I think the media does what they do and ask him his opinion about it and since he’s coming out with new gigs, this was the perfect opportunity. And kudos to him for handling it well, it is a sad situation for all involved, but for different reasons.

  13. Khmboo on said:

    It’s apparent that Mr. Cosby pissed off a couple hundred people, and they were just standing on the sidelines awaiting their turn to discredit this respected human, dad, husband, educator, philanthropist, comedian, actor, role model. A real woman, would have come out and fought the system, no matter what year, or what her aspirations were; not fight them in a public court. I will continually support Mr. Cosby, who is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY….SHAME on those Colleges and Universities he supported the last 30-40 years. SHAME on those Colleges and Universities who stripped Mr. Cosby of those declarations you chose to give him, while and when he was supporting your cause for higher learning and education. To those HBCs you will never get my money, and you know who you are. I would rather leave my money to other non-minority based facilities for higher learning.

    • I agree. This is what the media does (using public OPINION to convict and destroy) when “they” cannot or do not get their way in the court system. They did it to OJ and will keep on doing it to BC until they can get or find something that will stick….

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