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While doing press for her role in Will to Love (which stars Marques Houston and Draya Michele), child actress Keisha Knight Pulliam continued to defend the legacy of Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show in an interview with The Grio.


“I can say that, based upon the people that continuously approach me and talk about how it’s profoundly impacted their lives, I don’t feel you can take that back. You can’t take back the impact that it’s had on generations of kids, and it’s continuing to have such a positive impact on them. So I feel like the place that it has in people’s hearts is such a nostalgic part of childhood and beyond, it’s going to be difficult to take back those memories.”

So where does she stand now that there are over 50 women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault?

“My comment doesn’t really change, because, still, regardless of how many… that’s just not the man I know. That’s not who I experienced. I never had that interaction with him, so I can’t speak to it.”

Do you agree with her loyalty?

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(Photo Source: Keisha Knight Pulliam Instagram)

13 thoughts on “Keisha Knight Pulliam On Cosby: ‘Regardless Of How Many, That’s Not The Man I Know’

  1. Alberta on said:

    That’s what Mr Cosby gets for cheating…Duh it’s Adultery. If he were you man you ladies wouldn’t care nothing about the Cosby show..Lol

  2. Why won’t they let this story die?But,they won’t talk about current issues that are important to black people.We can’t get them to talk about murder and racial injustices.They say those issues are too difficult to talk about..smh

  3. Mama Nandi on said:

    The Cosby Show was and is a legacy in the hearts of Black America. I will ALWAYS have good memories of it. Nothing can change that. As for the allegations I hope they aren’t true but if they are then that’s Cosby the man and not Dr. Huxtable.

  4. I’m so sick of this story. Of all the women, none of them thought to expose him when this allegedly happened. It could have. But, women, we have to take responsibility for our lives. these women all went on to achieve what they wanted, then decided to speak up. I don’t buy each story. Like someone pointed out, did you want fame so bad you risked your safety by being with a man you really didn’t know well? Shame on you. I am not belittling what happened to you, but I feel you are just as responsible for being in that position. Also, the Cosby show are actors playing a successful black family. Why tarnish that image? Let our children understand that actors are actors, they have lives like we do. We should only look at them for their skill, not their personal lives.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Not to mention, the fact he’s the black community’s most prominent “black man” (besides our current sitting POTUS and we see how he’s treated) is the reason why “the media” and other folks want to tear him down. Dr. Cosby is a household name and has been for decades, you know white America can’t have that. And on top of that he was screwing their precious gold “white women”, oh no. If beheadings were still allowed in America it would be off with his head. I’m glad to see some men (not sure if you’re black or other) on this site take a real stand on this situation, because as you well know this could easily happen to any black man, any town U.S.A.

  6. Phillip Beasley on said:

    Thank you Keisha…We still love the Giant of a man, Dr. William Cosby. I just don’t buy into what these women were saying. Why were you alone with a married man in the first place? You wanted something..

    • Babyboomer on said:

      My thoughts exactly. Why were you alone with a married man? I don’t mean in a business setting but why are you out for drinks or alone is his room? We have to be accountable for our actions. Not nominating Mr. Cosby for sainthood but the question above are valid…

  7. Buckeye Vet Mom on said:

    Everytime I see my talented sassy sister Debbie Allen in Grey’s Anatomy I think back to all the intelligent HIGHLY educated sisters on the Cosby and Different World sets and NONE OF THEM experienced this behavior???? Yes Lisa Bonet keeps throwing shade BUT is she cares about women why hasn’t she come forward as well???? I know one thing when my baby buckeye met Kevin Hart and Cosby at Ohio State they were gracious and FUNNY but then she wasn’t some NAIVE drugged up PYT trying to be an actress etc.!!! OMG Kevin Hart your PUNKd (had a TALL glass of azzzzz whoopin reatty hahaha) was funnier than C Breezy and everytime the ladies hit RHOH the shigady gets real and funny (miss you Tisha while you on Dr. Ken, wasn’t he in Transformers drinking milk in elevator hahahahahahaha)! Speaking of Keisha, OWN where is 2Phat2Fly (yes Keisha we saw you in episode at food truck hahaha)?

  8. Claude on said:

    One thing is for sure any women that went to see Cosby back then, KNEW what they were doing and going there for alone. He never forced them to do anything. This is just a “Tear the man down off his high horse attacks.” I would believe the same element that attacked Michael Jackson and people like him are the one behind this BS. People…, you better believe and not forget who YOU REALLY ARE because some evil group of fish-eyed devils will wait for the chance to Tear You Down…!

  9. specialt757 on said:

    @ Keisha,
    Careful you might be labeled a “liar” because you’re won’t jump on the “big bad monster sexually assaulted me while I was alone with him in his dressing or hotel room” bandwagon.

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