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President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Mama Mariane Robinson, Bo and Sunny may be America’s First Family, but Cosmopolitan Magazine apparently doesn’t think so.


Instead, the magazine best known for sex-quizzes and photo-shopped actresses, gave that honor to none other than the Kardashian-Jenner Klan.

Black Twitter was quick with the clap back, reminding Cosmo that America’s First Family is Black and they’re not a reality TV show. They’re the real deal.

The level of disrespect here — or ignorance, whichever shoe fits — is astonishing. The Kardashian may be the First Family of reality television, maybe even plastic surgery or divorces, but not of America.

Or maybe the magazine was trolling for clicks?

Either way, get it together, Cosmo. And remember….


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19 thoughts on “SAY WHAT?! Cosmo Mag Cover Calls Kardashians, Jenners ‘America’s First Family’

  1. This is why America is going to hell with flammable draws on….has no morals, no respect, no nothing, it’s just anything/anybody goes! GOD/Heaven help us!

  2. And why are we up in arms or ready to boycott? This is Cosmopolitan and not Jet / Ebony magazine we are talking about… Cosmo placed the bait and some African Americans (as usual) fell right into the trap.

  3. straightnochaser on said:

    Cosmo did this purely for a reaction. We know who they cater to, and they don’t look like us. We need to stop reacting to the dumb stuff.

  4. Sandra allen on said:

    Please remove this title ok they cover. They Obama are first family. These people r just another reality ahow. Come be real. Whos first family. There own. Not Americas..

  5. Tameka Jackson on said:

    First family of what ??!!!! Being fake no talent ohh butt injections, lips ohh and brow lift and nose done. This sooo disrespectful. What would Kanya momma say she was a professor. There would be no Kim if she was alive believe that……

  6. They prolly are in the white world. I’m sick of hearing about these hefers. If I see them on tv I immediately turn the channel. Mostly whites read that garbage anyway.

  7. Donna Wright on said:

    First family, not even close….Calling them that is an insult to our President and the Country….Cosmopolitan you should be ashamed!!!!

  8. First family of what–Golddiggers????????????????????????

    Yo Cosmo-the First Family should be the Obamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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