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Dr. Leonard ‘Lenny’ Lomax is the Founder & CEO of Ultimaxx Health, an early stage “natural” pharmaceutical company founded in 2009.

Dr. Lomax is a licensed physician and orthopaedic surgeon. As a physician, he became tired of watching patients suffer as a result of the adverse side effects of many pharmaceutical products; side effects often so severe in some cases they not only led to addiction but death.

His passion for solving this problem, prescription painkiller addiction, prompted him to develop his first safe and effective, “natural”, non-narcotic OTC pain remedy, LEVARE® (pronounced: la-var-ay), for which he received a patent in 2012.

“Doctors are expected to heal, not cause more pain and suffering,” is Lomax’s personal motto. As the CEO of Ultimaxx Health, his mission is to find a resolution to this pervasive problem by offering effective natural solutions to remedy this global problem.

“I know God made me for this purpose. It makes my spirit full and motivates me! I am so encouraged that I have been blessed with this mission.  I became a doctor to help people and that’s exactly what I plan to do.”

Dr. Lomax obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from Temple University, received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency training at the top-ranked Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Ultimaxx Health is currently focused on developing patented, clinically tested, “natural” non-narcotic OTC pain relief alternatives, metabolic mood enhancement supplements like “Advyndra™”, and human performance optimization products.

Dr. Lomax answers your questions below.

I have had lupus nephritis for 3 years and I have joint pain on a daily basis because of this. My current pain medication is OxyContin. Would Levare be good for me or is there something else I can try? I don’t take the Oxy as often as I really need to because I’m afraid of getting addicted. 

LEVARE would definitely be indicated. It’s a natural, non-narcotic pain reliever that has no potential for addiction. Several of the ingredients also are know to be anti-oxidants and also supporters of the immune system which could be of benefit to those with various forms of Lupus. Visit and to learn more detail about our revolutionary pain reliever that is helping people across the U.S. and in different parts of the world.

I was in a Jeep rollover in the Army and served with a deteriorating knee. The VA will only give me 800 mg of ibuprofen. The pain is worse on rainy days.

First, thank you for your service. When the pain is worse on rainy days, that’s indicative of degenerative arthritis. The ibuprofen works to a point but generally becomes less effective over time and of course there are risks with long term use – e.g. stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney damage etc. Visit to see how Our Mission and natural pain reliever, LEVARE is not only helping vets like yourself but people all over with similar problems.

Why do doctors prescribe prescription pills and they work, only to say later you have to get used to using ibuprofen which doesn’t work as well, because they don’t want you to get addicted? If the pain is stronger than the medicine, why not continue the stronger of the two?

Very good questions. The main reason is for years we had been prescribing them not knowing about the serious potential for addiction, overdose, death, etc. As a clinical community, government regulatory body, etc. we are now playing catch up regarding proper solutions to manage these very challenging issues. We can’t leave people in pain, it’s inhumane, but we can’t keep prescribing medication that we know have these serious adverse side effects. Because of this particular class of medication and the collateral issues associated with their prescribing and utilization we are in the midst of one of the worst addiction epidemics in U.S. history. It would make logical sense to treat strong pain with strong meds, but we have to use medications that are not only effective but safe.

My brother has had one of his kidneys removed due to cancer. He is also a diabetic and has arthritis, which makes it hard for him to walk sometimes due to the pain in his knees and ankles. The only thing that seems to help him with the pain is Aleve. If he takes it for a long period of time, it affects his kidney, to the point where he developed an infection and almost died. Is the new medicine that you’ve patented a product that can help him in this situation? 

That is unfortunate. Your brother would probably benefit from aquatic exercise for his knees and ankles, that form of exercise is also great for cardiovascular fitness. Aleve is effective but chronic usage is associated with exactly what you describe, significant kidney problems. Yes, LEVARE will help him, visit to learn more about our amazing natural pain relief solution. His doctor can also download the brochure and special pain relief report from the site.

Why is it difficult for those who flare up due to lupus to get pain meds?

Because of the high potential for addiction, overdose and death, prescription painkillers are being more tightly controlled. As a result of these issues, physicians are in many cases not just limiting their prescribing of them, but discontinuing doing so all together. Lupus flareups can of course be painful, but there are non-pharmacological pain relief options that can be discussed with the treating physician as well as natural pain relief options.

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2 thoughts on “Get Well Wednesday: Dr. Leonard “Lenny” Lomax

  1. Lawrence on said:

    This is a different approach no one has really hit on. Too many of is hear and read the side effects on our prescribed medicine, but no one speaks up for the ones that are affected and disabled by the side effects. Very good interview.

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