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Care to watch a Lil Wayne sex tape?

Most might say no but hat’s not stopping a sneaky opportunist from trying to sell an alleged Weezy sex tape.

Just in case you are curious about it, don’t count on seeing it anytime soon – or ever, as his Young Money team have threatened to sue any site that hosts the video.

“We’ll sue the hell out of them,” Weezy’s rep told TMZ, and a few porn companies told the entertainment website that the video being shopped around shows the rapper wearing nothing but his socks and two “more-than-accommodating women who do all the work.”

The person in possession of the tape is trying to sell it to “big porn companies,” but because of the risk involved, the companies refuse to make the tape public unless Wayne signs off — and so far, he’s not willing to do that.

News of a sex tape comes on the heels of Wayne’s breakup with part-time singer Christina Milian. They called off their relationship in late August, after a year of dating. However, they seemed to end on good terms, as they performed their new song, “Do It,” at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, a few days after the split was made public, The Boom Box reports.

Watch their performance below:

Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals
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(Photo Source: Lil Wayne Instagram)

7 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Threatens To Sue Sites That Host His Sex Tape

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  2. specialt757 on said:

    Again with the typos.

    Yuk! it’s hard enough looking at lil wayne with clothes on, who on earth would want to see him without any? Just the thought is so disturbing.

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