Christina Milian

2021 just got brighter for Christina Milian and Cassie Ventura Fine. Both women took to Instagram to announce they’ll be dropping beautiful bundles of joy early next year. In an Instagram post, Christina Milian posted an image of her boyfriend Matt Pokora kissing her growing baby bump against the sunset. Her caption read, […]

The Smiths are truly family goals! Will, Jada, Trey, Willow and even Jaden (not pictured) came out to support the release of “Aladdin”. The family looked stunning on the purple carpet – and Will and Jada were extra cute reminding us why we love them! Check out the photos below. Plus, get a glimpse of […]

Some of these couples aren’t together anymore, but that doesn’t mean that didn’t once have a loving relationship.  And then there are the stars that have stood the test of time. Click through the gallery to see some of your favorite celebrity show their boo’s, former or otherwise, some major love.

Every day there’s a new celebrity announcing her pregnancy—then hitting the runway or the red carpet only a few weeks after giving birth. How’d they do it? We’ll never really know, so here’s our nod to the fastest post baby slim downs.

The love lives of celebrities can be facinating, as well as annoying.  Some stars trade one famous significant other for another and we can’t help but compare last week’s flavor to the current flavor and wonder is this an upgrade or a downgrade? You decide.

The singer, mom, and reality star is under fire after seemingly supporting the #ALM movement.