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09/21/15 – Roland Martin talks with Muslim Congressman Andre Carson about Ben Carson‘s controversial comments about a Muslim being elected President.

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12 thoughts on “Roland Martin, Congressman Andre Carson React to Ben Carson’s Muslim Comments

  1. Ben may be a brilliant doctor but he is a horrible politician. I can say the same for Donald Trump, stick to your current professions. Well at least you can admit they aren’t afraid to speak their minds and let us now were they stand on the issues.

  2. The lib media in typical fashion printing false headlines. Carson said he would not advocate (support, recommend or vote for) a Muslim. He didn’t say a Muslim could not or should not run for POTUS.

  3. Hey Roland you let me down with your comments regarding Dr.Carson’s remarks regarding America having a Muslim president. He never flat out said America shouldn’t ever have a Muslim president. He said America shouldn’t ever have a Muslim president whose religious beliefs interfere with the U.S.Constitution. Don’t start giving J.Y. High School a bad name by becoming a spin doctor. We love you here in Houston, but tell it right! Go Texans!

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  5. Claudine Johnson on said:

    Roland, I did not see anything wrong with Mr. Carson’s comment. At least he told the truth. This country is not ready for a Muslim to be President. They still think that the president is a Muslim and you see how he is treated. He had a right to speak what is true.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      People also said we weren’t ready for a Black president. If we sat around on our hands waiting until we’re ‘ready’ to do things, nothing would ever get done.

  6. Carson is an asshole!

    Any presidential candidates religious background should be irrelevant to him or her serving
    in that position.

    The President of the US is supposed to represent all people regardless of their religious belief.

    Ignorant folks have been accusing President Barack H. Obama of being a muslim-when it is anything but the truth!!!!!

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