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Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden doesn’t mince words when it comes to her son’s killer Darren Wilson.

“The devil. That’s what comes to mind,” McSpadden said when asked about Wilson. She proceeded to call him “evil” and “a waste of space.”

“All I can say is vengeance is God’s, and I hope He has mercy on his soul.”

McSpadden was responding to Wilson’s comments in his feature from the latest issue of the New Yorker. In the article, Wilson spoke in depth about his views on race and his experiences as a White cop in the predominantly Black neighborhoods of Jennings and Ferguson, MI. Wilson boldly censured Brown for his upbringing and insinuated that Brown, as well as many other young people in his neighborhood, were involved with gangs and unmotivated to live productive, upwardly-mobile lifestyles.

McSpadden clapped back at Wilson, calling the disgraced police officer oblivious and cowardly.

“He can’t hurt me with his words. What he did last year hurt me really bad, so his words mean nothing to me. He wouldn’t even admit what he did was wrong. He wouldn’t admit he had no reason to do what he did. He’s cold and malicious. I’ll never forgive him.”

The Justice Department never convicted Wilson for fatally shooting Michael Brown. However, it released a scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department outlining its deeply racist practices. Wilson eventually resigned.

McSpadden went on to speak about the local riots following her son’s death, saying it was unfortunate, yet to be expected.

“It was a cry for help. It was like we had a tsunami or a Hurricane Katrina, but it was killings after killings…This killing, in the broad daylight, middle of the day, with people out walking their dogs and jogging and playing, and this erupts, and we don’t have any understanding to why it happened. No facts. Yeah, that was bound to happen.”


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