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Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden doesn’t mince words when it comes to her son’s killer Darren Wilson.

“The devil. That’s what comes to mind,” McSpadden said when asked about Wilson. She proceeded to call him “evil” and “a waste of space.”

“All I can say is vengeance is God’s, and I hope He has mercy on his soul.”

McSpadden was responding to Wilson’s comments in his feature from the latest issue of the New Yorker. In the article, Wilson spoke in depth about his views on race and his experiences as a White cop in the predominantly Black neighborhoods of Jennings and Ferguson, MI. Wilson boldly censured Brown for his upbringing and insinuated that Brown, as well as many other young people in his neighborhood, were involved with gangs and unmotivated to live productive, upwardly-mobile lifestyles.

McSpadden clapped back at Wilson, calling the disgraced police officer oblivious and cowardly.

“He can’t hurt me with his words. What he did last year hurt me really bad, so his words mean nothing to me. He wouldn’t even admit what he did was wrong. He wouldn’t admit he had no reason to do what he did. He’s cold and malicious. I’ll never forgive him.”

The Justice Department never convicted Wilson for fatally shooting Michael Brown. However, it released a scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department outlining its deeply racist practices. Wilson eventually resigned.

McSpadden went on to speak about the local riots following her son’s death, saying it was unfortunate, yet to be expected.

“It was a cry for help. It was like we had a tsunami or a Hurricane Katrina, but it was killings after killings…This killing, in the broad daylight, middle of the day, with people out walking their dogs and jogging and playing, and this erupts, and we don’t have any understanding to why it happened. No facts. Yeah, that was bound to happen.”


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20 thoughts on “Micheal Browns’ Mother Lesley McSpadden: ‘Darren Wilson Is The Devil’

  1. This witch got her god dam nerve to call anybody anything! If Darren Wilson is a Devil She gave birth to the Anti-Christ! She’s no mama of the year and just like that Martin Thug! At the times of their deaths they both punks was residing with anybody and/or everybody but their bad parenting ass’s. This mama of the year a/k/a mama Gentle Giant is what’s wrong with black mama’s and most black women of today! Has multiple men and black men/males who rolls in and out of their lives like a bag of marbles! This heifer had/have depending the season I guess? A husband, an ex-husband, a baby’s daddy, a step dead and whatever/whomever else can be named as a man she was with, is with? Was once with, involved with, estranged from etc., In $Mourning$? How about trying to extend the hustle as far as it goes. Who does these idiot people think they are playing/fooling? The protestors? All they are trying to do is keep that slugs a/k/a Michael Browns,” name in the news because Ms. Gentle had his name trademarked and when/if any unity uses his name/likeness? Mama gets paid so sure every so called anniversary of that fat thugs self-created-demise Ms. Gentle will try to always use it as some form of holiday? Some holiday in the likeness/seriousness of MLK! The nerve! Who do those folks think they are fooling besides the idiots who will $Feed into it$ therefore resulting is Ms. Giant getting compensated when if anything her ass and her family should be ignored/condemned. They did the world no favor by raising a menace to society! If anything the Officer should be celebrated in my book for lessoning this world of yet another low life!

  2. This black panther devil incited race riots on facebook yet the black panther was never charged thanks to black privilege because the black panther claimed her son was “murdered” when in fact the violent racist( we all know hes a racist) attacked a cop!!!!!!!!

  3. ambientbake on said:

    Wow – the momma of that thug is delusional with grief. Her “gentle giant” is the one responsible for his own death – not Wilson. If only Mike Brown hadn’t attacked and stole from the shopkeeper. If only Mike Brown hadn’t tried to take Officer Wilson’s gun he might still be alive. Oh well, it all worked out in the end. Oh and to the biased author of this article, Wilson is not a “disgraced police officer”. He is a hero to citizens who value law and order and despise criminals.

  4. So let me get this straight!! A violent subhuman felon attacks a cop, a cop defends himself and murders the ape and the cop is the devil. Then this sheboon and her black panther husband incite riots by screaming BURN THIS PLACE down and the cop is the guilty one. Wake up drunk white liberals, these subhuman negroes only see race and only support their own!!!!!!!!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    So Ken, let me ask you something. If Rosa wouldn’t have sat in the front of the bus where she wasn’t legally allowed to, would things have changed? Would we still be riding in the back of the bus? Just because there is injustice in America, we shouldn’t allow the law enforcers to continue this behavior. Lots of people died in the 60s fighting against injustices and that’s why laws were changed.
    No doubt we can find better ways to fight our cause, but in America it seems that things only get accomplished when the majority can publically see the injustices. (Bloody Sunday was a prime example. Even white people were saying “damn white people”). In a court room, no one sees this and the perpetrators continue this behavior. We have to call attention to it.
    And I also don’t think winning ridiculous judgments against bad police departments is the answer either, because then the tax payers are stuck with the debt, you and me.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    So you’re saying MSNBC reported that, so they were there during this incident or were they given second hand information? All through this ordeal, it was stated that the cop didn’t even know about the strong armed robbery when he encountered Brown. Now certainly if Brown would have done as white cop DW DEMANDED then he would possibly be alive today.
    Now even with that being said, challenging a cop is not a good idea for black people period. We’ve all seen similar videos of encounters with cops and white men and usually the white men live to fight another day. But we are the ones that are murdered by cops who have an agenda…racism. But knowing this is the case, I too would advise us not to challenge these cops (we won’t win), and even though we can be following orders from the cop with an agenda we still get shot and killed, ask Samuel DuBose’ oh you can’t, he’s dead.

  7. …My Black brothers and sistas…Let us stop putting ourselves in such a position where they (law enforcement) are compelled to use deadly force and then justify it by our actions…The thing is to get home alive and then, eat their asses up in court…They are scared of us when we take them to court…Don’t give them a reason to cause us to become another “statistics”.

    • Amber on said:

      I agree. I have been saying this and I have been attacked for it as if I do not care about my people. WRONG. I want blacks to be able to say “good morning” after an incident and use their brains instead of their fist. I am sure someone will tell me, “well we can not use force and we may still get shot”, well, maybe, but the chances of that happening is far less than if you react, run, etc. Learn to use the system to your benefit. if you get stop, put YOUR PHONE recording somewhere in the car out of sight of the cop and let it roll.

  8. MacBen on said:

    Death to all thieves, rapists AND robbers! If Wilson is evil, so was Brown– the so-called gentle giant, who committed the strong arm robbery that led to his demise.

      • MacBen on said:

        Certainly. The cops were in the neighborhood, on a call, looking for the person(s) who “assaulted a store clerk and stole cigars..”(MSNBC via court transcripts). Had Brown and his friend not beat up and stole from the QuikTrip, Brown would not have been, ultimately, shot.

      • chris on said:

        What led to his demise was that first he tried to wrestle the gun away from a cop, started running, then turned around and charged a cop.

    • Vet Mom on said:

      Correction: robbed and bullied the store clerk while his friend slid the item back to the clerk behind thug Brown’s back!! So if Darren is evil for defending himself against a thug (who we now know was reported as the robber to Darren) what is she for attacking her son’s grandmother? For telling rioters to burn down Ferguson when black businesses suffered? See she’s lucky she’s never going to meet me because I grew up in St. Louis/E.St. Louis and watched my brother (Mizzou grad) get beat down left on the street with broken bones because he preferred education over being a thug (yes Jalen Rose, my bro is a Grant Hill)!! I wish Darren Wilson well! Nice to see the latest families didn’t hire race pimping lawyers who keep losing cases! God doesn’t like ugly……

      • Amber on said:

        This has nothing to do with God so lets leave God out of this. BOTH men were wrong. The Cop could have handle the situations better than what he did especially since he was a trained cop and Michael Brown should not have been involved with the kind of drama he was in. When BOTH men met up, BOTH of them acted on their instincts.

  9. IanRousseault on said:

    No, that DEMON that she raised was the real DEVIL!!!! Assaulting the store owner and trying to fight a Police Officer, and stealing! You tell me who the real DEVIL was?????

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I’m speaking the truth, he was a criminal thug through and through ! And she and her husband raised this demon devil spawn!!!!

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