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Dear Tom,

George McCreary is a real father and a real man. He’s worked as a janitorial supervisor for our local community college for 31 years!

George’s own father died when he was twelve years old, so he went to work at a fruit stand to help his mother and four siblings. since that time he’s worked two to three jobs at all times to provide for his own family– he’s had his own lawn service, shucked oysters, cleaned buildings, and worked at restaurants all while working his full time job.

During that time he’s battled chronic high blood pressure, gout, and kidney disease – all without complaining or shirking his responsibilities. He is an everyday hero – a man who has worked hard for everything he has, lost some of it, and kept working hard to rebuild it again.

George constantly helps people who are down on their luck, and he’s currently working in our neighborhood to have our park renovated for the children. He even comes home from a long day and hops on his bicycle to ride with our nine year old daughter.

Tom, it would be great if George could fix his old hot rod, a 1989 Ford Mustang that he’s had for years as his “retirement project”. Since we live on the Mississippi gulf coast, home of cruising’ the coast, it would be great if he could cruise now, instead of waiting until retirement!


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