Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas was on the verge of losing her family home until her mother was able to drop thousands of dollars in back mortgage payments, saving the home from being sold in a foreclosure auction.

Natalie Hawkins, Gabby’s mom, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2012. According to the bankruptcy petition, Hawkins claimed she had assets totaling $163,706.10 and liabilities in the amount of $79,754.14. She owed $4,350.23 on a student loan and over $72K on the mortgage to her Virginia Beach, VA home. She filed for bankruptcy asking a federal court judge to sign off on a re-payment plan to help make her debt manageable.

The court approved a payment schedule in which Hawkins began making monthly payments in February 2012 until she eventually paid back her creditors over $28,000, exclusively reports.

Hawkins spoke to the press once the story of her bankruptcy hit the media, stating:

“It’s my story, it’s part of me. I’m not even embarrassed about it.” … and, “It shows that even though I didn’t like to have to do it, I’m glad there was something there for me to be able to protect my home.”

On April 8, docs were filed in the case which stated Natalie had defaulted on her home payments once again. PNC Bank filed documents stating Hawkins had failed to make 4 monthly payments from 1/1/2015-4/1/2015 in the amount of $650.70 per month (she had her mortgage payments reduced recently) for a grand total of $2,602.80 in arrears.

Hawkins had 10 days to pay up or the bank would return to court asking the judge to allow them to take possession of the home. Then on June 30, docs were filed in the bankruptcy stating that the motion to foreclose on the home was being withdrawn by the bank because back mortgage payments had been paid in full.

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