The IRS and the Treasury Department say Americans will start receiving their economic impact checks in the next three weeks. The payments are part of the $2.2 trillion rescue package signed into law last week by President Donald Trump aimed at combating the economic ravages of the coronavirus outbreak. Most people don’t need to do anything to […]

During these uncertain times a lot of people have questions about their health and finances. Jini Thornton answers some of the most pressing financial questions on the Willie Moore Jr. Show. One common question is, “what’s going on with student loans?”. She says that in addition to freezing interest on federal student loans, Trump has […]

NEW YORK (AP) — The deepening coronavirus crisis sent stocks into another alarming slide Thursday, extending a sell-off that has wiped out most of the big run-up on Wall Street since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than 2,250 points, or […]

As the TJMS comes to an end, so does Mellody Hobson’s Money Mondays column. Today’s column will be the last. Many thanks to Mellody for helping our listeners over the years make their very best financial decisions with her tips, pointers and advice. Here are 5 of her top tips that should help you live […]

IT’S THE TIME TO TURN OUR ATTENTION TO OUR HEALTH CARE COVERAGE OPTIONS FOR NEXT YEAR, CORRECT? WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR US TODAY?  As you know, the open enrollment period is the time of year when most people have a chance to change your health insurance coverage or sign up for new coverage for […]

With the unemployment rate at a 50-year low of 3.5% many Americans are happily back in the workforce. Yet, even when the economy and the markets seem to be doing well it’s still extremely important to ensure that you have multiple streams of income. THE JOB MARKET SEEMS TO BE DOING WELL RIGHT NOW SO WHY IS […]

Why are we in a student loan crisis? Student loans are normal. But normal is not setting college graduates up for success. Instead, it has put us in a student loan crisis. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average college student graduates with $35,000 in student loans, and it’s taking on average 20 years […]

TODAY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AUTO LOANS. WHY? According to a recent report from the credit reporting agency Experian, the length of auto loans continues to get longer and longer. According to the data, the average loan length for new cars is now 69 months – 6 years and 9 months – and loans of […]

WHAT DO WE NOW KNOW ABOUT INCOME INEQUALITY? Last week, the Census Bureau reported that the gap between the richest and the poorest American households is now larger than it has been in the past 50 years. While we have seen the gap between low-income and high-income households grow in recent decades, based on the […]

Just a few minutes ago, I released a 72 page report on every single penny I’ve ever raised since the Black Lives Matter Movement began. When you can, you can go to  to check it out. In the 5 years since the Black Lives Matter movement began, I’ve helped to raise $34.5 million – […]

NEW YORK (AP) — The divide between retail winners and losers is widening. That became even more evident Wednesday with the latest batch of earnings reports: Big-box stores and off-price retailers have been responding faster to shoppers’ increasing shift online with expanded deliveries and better merchandise. But many mall-based clothing chains and department stores continue […]

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The will that Jeffrey Epstein signed just two days before his jailhouse suicide puts more than $577 million in assets into a trust fund that could make it more difficult for his dozens of accusers to collect damages. Estate lawyers and other experts say prying open the trust and dividing […]