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Dear Rachel Dolezar:

Here’s why I’m not going to let you and the media distract me from all the important issues Black America is facing right now. Because the story of you “passing” for black, no matter how twisted it is, has turned the national discussion away from matters of education, police brutality, health concerns, unemployment and the list goes on and on.

Here are 3 more important things that the NAACP is currently dealing with:

  1. The HIV epidemic: The NACCP and more than 21,000 black churches in the U.S. are coming together in July to inspire people to put an end to this epidemic at the 4th Annual Day of Unity. 
  2. Economic Opportunities:  This spring, the NAACP released its economic report cards on corporate diversity and inclusion. By focusing on the healthcare industry, it is urging healthcare companies to come up with strategies for strengthening diversity and better ways to include minorities.
  3. Racial Profiling: Earlier this month the NAACP launched teach-in workshops based on their “Born Suspect: Racial Profiling” report. The goal is to have NAACP branch leaders and other representatives from the criminal justice arena, including local law enforcement, participate in these nationwide discussions. Upcoming workshops will be held in New Brunswick, NJ on June 19th and June 26-27 in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA.

The NAACP is not perfect and like any large organization, its emphasis on fundraising and building its membership sometimes gets in the way of its mission to “ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race,”—a very tall and ambitious order.

As far as “Rachel” is concerned, she may have brought more attention to the nation’s oldest civil rights organization than it’s gotten in decades, certainly among people 40 and under.

I know you think I’m about to put the onus on the NAACP to use this opportunity to re-introduce itself to “millennials” Black and white. I am. But my biggest charge is for every African-American who Tweeted or Retweeted a #RachelDolezal, #DearRachel, #AskRachel joke, to either join your local NAACP chapter or to send a donation.

Discover what it’s done, what it’s trying to do and what role you can play in becoming an advocate for justice. If you don’t like what they’re doing, join another organization, or start your own.

Don’t just Tweet about it, be about it.

And to parents, if you were enraged with the video you saw of the McKinney “cop gone wild,” or any other forms of racial profiling or police brutality, as important as it is to register to vote and to participate in every election, it’s just as important to support the very organizations you’ll be calling on if you  or your children become victims of racial profiling or police brutality. The NAACP and the Rev. Al’s National Action Network will need you before you need them.


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20 thoughts on “Forget About Rachel, The NAACP Has More Important Things Going On

  1. Message_in_a_name on said:

    What’s wrong with black people now? Over the past few years all we have heard is the police against our black youth or men. Police against blacks. Then President Obama our first black President has no support from Congress because he is black. Now here comes a white women who really wants to be black. We should be breaking our necks to support her and what do we do complain, hate, complain hate some more. Let’s see posters most of you have lied on a job application yourself. Maybe you lengthened your employment time, lied about your education, or about your major or something. This woman really did a lot to help and support the black community and so what if it turns out that she is white. When was the last time someone white actually wanted to be black that you know of. Did she lie YES but he who has never lied throw the first stone or boulder that would be easier for you to lift. The NAACP is has not been relevant since the 70’s and most people did not even know they still existed. We should be protesting that she lost her job. A white women wanting to be black is historic. I love this lady and black people get a grip. She has done more positive things for our people than most of you have ever done and she represents our race well. She’s black like me that how I feel. This is straight out of the movie Imitation of Life

  2. Thanks Tom , back on track. The NAACP is still relevant as it was 50 yrs. , those that are dedicated to doing the work understand this. Hope our some of the folk who comment all of the time
    know …talk is cheap . Volunteer, send some money/pay your dues. Be positive and work.

  3. Shaun on said:

    Hey Tom… How about the NAACP focus on the increasing violence that is happening in our community by people that look like us. Oh no, we don’t hear that, but let a cop shoot / kill us NAACP and every other organization (not the LGBQT for they don’t care) want justice… Time we start calling a spade a spade and address the problem.

    • Joy2 on said:

      @Shaun: Tom made some good points; but I also agree with your comments. I’ve been saying this regarding young Black men killing each other, and other people for a loooong time. My other BIG beef is why we don’t address the fact that (collectively) Black churches have been collecting millions, and millions of dollars $$ for decades; yet in traveling all over this country I see VERY FEW Black owned businesses (in Black communities) that Black churches have started. I don’t get it. SMH…Hard

      • Shaun on said:

        @Joy2 – Very right about the black church. Biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet. In fact, it doesn’t have to a black church, but any church, faith, religion when the cause is making their pockets bigger.

  4. I think if she cared about the mission of the NAACP, then she would not have lied about who she is. It seems as though she is shame of being white or does not love herself. If she does not love herself, then she cannot truly represent the NAACP or the people it’s suppose to represent. Until the name changes from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to something else, then it’s still an organization that represent black people. We should welcome all those who want to volunteer or be employee of the NAACP, but not welcome those who infiltrate by lying and wearing a disguise. “if you lie, you’ll steal”.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    The truth of the matter is in fact, we have so many other issues in the black community to focus on besides Rachel Dolezal. In the grand scheme of things, she’s very insignificant. I do agree that getting to the poles every election and VOTING along with volunteering your time to fight one or some of these causes is most important. I really don’t care what happens to Ms. Dolezal, stay or go, she’s not important.

    • Tammy on said:

      I agree but I think she needs to go. What can the NAACP tell anyone else who apply and lie on their applications if they keep this woman? NOTHING.

  6. Jazmen on said:

    My small opinion on Rachel Dolezal, she has done more for blacks than most blacks do for their own. She felt it was necessary to pose as a black woman, I firmly believed had she kept true to her color and done these same great achievements for black’s as a white woman then she would have made a greater stance. A white woman going against the cultural grain and standing on behave of my black brothers and sisters and I is powerful especially with the ongoing rise of racial tention in America. Not just standing but being placed in a high authoritive postion in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as a white woman. She may not have understood blacks culturally, but she was a white woman who identified with blacks humanly. BUT I wasn’t in her shoes and she made a call she felt had to be made. White or black she meant well either way. I do agree the NAACP should take advantage of this moment to shed more light on the organization itself, because simply discussing this woman’s skin color doesn’t take away from or help the real issues black men and women are facing.

    • Tammy on said:

      Then she should have been true to HERSELF and her own indentity while fighting for others. yes, you fight for blacks while denying your own. That is just like someone who is feeding and helping the sick YET he/she have children at home whom he/she is not feeding and helping. All this does is make folks questioned her motives for what she did. Remember, Jim Jones loved blacks in the 70’s and wanted to spread love and religion in among blacks until he took them to Ghana and killed them.

  7. Renee on said:

    When you lie on a job application, you get fired. So, she should be fired and everyone can move on to what is really important in Black America. I agree with Tom instead of talking/tweeting about it get involved and be apart of the solution.

  8. Tom is right.if shes qualified for the job her race should not matter.i wish xomeone would tell our people to stop having anal sex.rather with a male or female and this would slow down the aids epidemic.but the church and parents are afraid to be real with volks.the easiest way to get a disease is thru the butt.i dont date for this reason,men like butt holes.i love,but this kind of sexual activity is not gods way.a black lady on newlywed game once said her husband was an anal freak..i thought oh my god educate these folks.yuo get gonherra and syphliss from it dont want you nowdays if they can’t screw you in the butt,this practice has to stop.

    • Freeda on said:

      Yuck. Double YUCK!!! It’s really sad what we have sunk to as a people. We have lost the meaning of intimacy. Right now, its all about the sickest type of physical defilement people can imagine. Hip Hop has a lot to do with that.

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