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Donald Sterling’s wife is not taking the former Los Angeles Clipper’s owner’s $600 million lawsuit against her lying down.

Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling is demanding that the suit be thrown out. The demand, which was put in June 5, is the latest in a series of happenings to occur after Donald Sterling’s recorded racist rant surfaced.

As a result of the uproar created by the recordings, Sterling was banned from the NBA and forced to sell the Clippers. The former team owner ultimately filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the league and commissioner Adam Silver under claims that he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the league. The suit goes on to claim that his release was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws. notes that the NBA and Silver responded to Sterling, as they claimed that Rochelle, not him, was the sole trustee of the trust who owned the team, which she sold legally and within her rights. From there, they countersued Sterling for all costs they incurred for having to fight him in court, investigate his racist recording along with damage he did to the NBA.

The back and forth continued on March 9 as Sterling filed an amended complaint with the addition of Rochelle as a defendant. In the complaint Sterling accused his wife of being a co-conspirator with the league and Silver to have the team sold. In Sterling’s eyes, the controversial tape that was released to the public was altered by his alleged mistress, V. Stivano, to include several statements he never made.

Sterling goes on to claim that Rochelle in light of her knowing him as a businessman from being married for more than 60 years, Rochelle knew he would never sell the Clippers. In addition, Sterling accused his wife of manipulating him into having medical tests done to evaluate his mental and physical health only to those tests used against him to have him removed as co-trustee for the trust they were on for the ownership documents for the Clippers.

As a result, Sterling sued Rochelle with accusations against her for violating federal law by releasing his private medical information. The former sports executive went in and suggested that Rochelle be thrown in jail for what she did and ended up demanding $600 million + other damages from all defendants.

In her response, Rochelle countered her husband by mentioning that her providing folks with Donald Sterling’s medical records isn’t illegal in light of her not being a medical professional. With her being Sterling’s caregiver, Rochelle added that she had every right to release the documents to the NBA and others involved with the sale of the Clippers

Rochelle takes it further by bringing up how an Los Angeles Court judge already found that no wrong was done by her in handing out Donald’s medical records as well as the fact that she didn’t commit fraud by having Donald take medical exams. Also of note was Rochelle stating that the doctors were required to hand her the medical records due to her being a co-head of their trust.

In addition to wanting Donald Sterling’s $600 million suit thrown out, Rochelle wants the court to order Donald to pay her attorney fees for having to defend herself in this legal ordeal.

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