Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling’s $1 billion legal battle against the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver did not go in his favor. A federal court judge dismissed the former Los Angeles Clippers owner’s battle by throwing out the entire case. As a result, Sterling ends up receiving nothing financially regarding claims he made that he was unconstitutionally bullied […]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling lost his appeal Monday to regain the team his estranged wife sold last year for a record $2 billion after he was booted from the NBA for making discriminatory remarks about blacks. The 2nd District Court of Appeal said Shelly Sterling properly removed her husband from […]

More than a year after TMZ posted his infamous racist conversation with V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling is firing back by suing both parties over the recording and publishing of the interaction.   TMZ Sports reports the litigious happy former Los Angeles Clippers owner filed the lawsuit Friday (Aug. 7) in LA. In the suit, […]

It’s been a year since Donald Sterling name-dropped Magic Johnson in his infamous racist rant to V. Stiviano. So how does the NBA icon feel about Sterling? After all, the former Los Angeles Clippers owner not only ordered his mistress to not be seen with Johnson or any black people at the team’s games, but […]

Donald Sterling’s wife is not taking the former Los Angeles Clipper’s owner’s $600 million lawsuit against her lying down. Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling is demanding that the suit be thrown out. The demand, which was put in June 5, is the latest in a series of happenings to occur after Donald Sterling’s recorded racist rant surfaced. […]

V. Stiviano wants folks to know that she has a 5-year-old daughter. Therefore, she took to Instagram to share the “news.” Donald Sterling‘s ex-mistress isn’t done having fun and tampering with other folks lives. Allegedly, a NBA star is the father of the child. She’s certainly continuing to soak up the attention she received from […]

V. Stiviano, the woman who last year leaked evidence of racism by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has to pay Sterling’s wife back $2.6 million for…

We hope V. Stiviano saved some of that money her sugar daddy, Donald Sterling, gave her over the years ’cause she’s about to be giving most of it to the former LA Clippers owner’s wife. On Tuesday a judge in Los Angeles ruled that Shelly Sterling is owed $2.6 million by Stiviano. Specifically, Judge Richard […]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The woman who was dating Donald Sterling when she recorded him making racially insensitive remarks that cost him ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers faces a fight with his estranged wife that could cost her the fortune he gave her. Shelly Sterling is going after the $2.5 million in real estate […]

2014 was an amazing year. This past year was full of stories that have touched our hearts, angered many in our community and forced many of…

So much for Donald Sterling going to Watts to play Santa Claus. The former LA Clippers owner decided against showing up at a charity toy drive in Watts Saturday night. Why? Because his security team feared for his safety with racial tensions running so high across the country. According to TMZ, Sterling was scheduled to […]