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This is not the first time Haze has courted controversy via social media. Last year he was photographed with guns, which you can see here. Evidently, he’s not new to this, he’s true to this.

His Instagram account has apparently been deleted but his Twitter is still up, and he’s clapping back at all his, um, haters in the most profane ways possible. Ummmkayyy.

Hmm, Chet Haze, a word to wise. If you insist on putting yourself out there saying the N-word, you might wanna work on your diction. In the clip above where you so boldly say the word, it sounded to us like you said the version that ends with “er” instead of “ga.”

Is Chet Haze entitled to his freedom of speech and if so, are people entitled to retaliate if he uses the ‘n’ word? Is he just trying to get some attention paid to his nonexistent rap career thus far? Or does his dad need to come get his kid? What do you think he’s trying to prove?

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