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On Tuesday, TJMS correspondent Jacque Reid interviewed Sonja Warfield, the author of Big Fat Negro, Get Your Lazy Ass Of My Couch  who suggested that women dealing with trifling men need to take action including withholding blow jobs until they get it together. (We’re wondering why not just showing him the door wouldn’t work, but OK).

Sherri Shepherd isn’t sure about this advice, and as Warfield remains single after a divorce, she may not be the best source of information. Of course, miserably married isn’t the best option either and we know plenty of those people. Shepherd, a veteran of two bad marriages, still doesn’t agree with Warfield.

“That’s a slippery slope,” (interesting word choice) Shepherd says. “I don’t that will ever work. Men complain anyway that we don’t know how to give blow jobs. If you stop, he’s going to find it somewhere else. If you stop that, then he has the right to stop pleasuring you. If you start using those negotiating tools, that’s not good. It’s a manipulative thing that you’re doing. When you manipulate like that, you have to expect consequences from the choice to manipulate.”

As for texting to ask for a first date, or communicating via text message, Shepherd says that’s the only way you’re going to reach her. She says she never picks up her phone.

“I text with everybody,” Shepherd says. “It doesn’t bother me but that’s the world we live in. But for the first date, I’d like to be called.”

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