Protests Against $30 Million Juvenile Center Shut Down Highway In Baltimore


On Tuesday, protesters in Baltimore shut down I-395 in protest against Maryland’s plan to cut education spending in lieu of funding a $30 million detention center for juveniles charged as adults.

Local area pastor Jamal H. Bryant of the Empowerment Temple, a participant in the I-395 protest, posted a number of updates on Twitter regarding the protest:

Roland Martin, A. Scott Bolden, ESQ, principal at Reed Smith, LLC, Leadership Stategist, Avis Jones DeWeever, contributor, D0shon Farad and Political and Lifesyle Blogger Dru Ealons discussed the I-395 #BaltimoreUprising protest on NewsOne Now.

Bolden told Martin, host of NewsOne Now, “This issue is not going away and to keep it on the consciousness of America, Black, White, Yellow or Brown — these protests are quite necessary and you have local leaders who are more than prepared and with a group of people who have energy that they’re not going to take it anymore.”

He added the protesters have “taken a notebook from the 80’s and early 90’s from Rev. Al Sharpton” when he used to shutdown the Brooklyn Bridge and other bridges in New York City.

Once the traffic has stopped, it is the perfect time to express to government officials the things that the community expects, Ealon added.

“I hope that in Baltimore they also have other than saying we don’t want this money spent here ($30 million juvenile detention center) — here is where we think you should spend the money, here is how we want to see our government respond to our community and here is the way you can do things.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now Straight Talk Panel discuss the I-395 #BaltimoreUprising protest in the video clip above.

(Photo: Pastor Jamal Bryant Twitter)

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6 thoughts on “Protests Against $30 Million Juvenile Center Shut Down Highway In Baltimore

  1. October on said:

    Really!!! uneducted, thugs. Why do yo folks come to a black website to complain? Don’t you have your own?

  2. J Kowal on said:

    This is so beyond. Seriously? $ for after school programs. Jobs? Is this a joke? Black America in these cities are either in total denial, or just flat out liars. Drive, if you dare, through a rough part of town on any given weekday during the day. What will you see? Abled body men of all ages walking around. Doing nothing. And I said MEN because black WOMEN work. This is black on black crime. More $ for bullshit programs that don’t impact shit. The truth is the truth. And you fucking people will regret the day the police stop watching your streets. Keep pointing fingers. It’s done so well for you in the past. Absolutely pathetic these educated black people on this panel can’t even for one second be intellectually honest. Shame!

  3. I totally agree. Plus after reading the quote from the Rev, I realize that people have been right all along about blacks. They are an uneducated, low intelligent bunch of thugs. And the center will be better used than a school. Why throw good money after bad. Build the jail and get the thugs off to a good start in their criminal career.

  4. MD Guest on said:

    How many black men were trying to get to jobs while the good Rev pulled such stunt? Glad my cruise was back and ship emptied because I would have been going the h@ off if I got stuck in that mess. Glad I moved out of B more!!! Congrats King James, my baby is buckeye grad!

  5. ambientbake on said:

    We should have picked our own cotton; these animals are not worth the trouble they have caused over the last 50 yrs.

    • American on said:

      Yes you should’ve picked your own cotton but just like the animals you talk about, your people are lazy, lying, criminals – where do you think the blacks learned it from in the past 50 (500) years in america?

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