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Mariah Carey had to take a break from the stage in Las Vegas tonight, so she canceled her show.

Less than a week into her Vegas residency, Mimi has had to take a night off. According to, Mariah wasn’t able to make it to the stage due to bout of bronchitis. However, the New York Daily News reports that another source claims the show was really shut down because the Elusive Chanteuse wasn’t prepared.

“Mariah simply didn’t rehearse enough before starting this many concerts and now she’s feeling it,” the insider said. “Leading up to the first show, everyone involved was wondering why this wasn’t rehearsed to death.”

We’ll have to take that tea with just a sprinkle of salt because there is video of Mariah practicing online. Besides after some of the stage fails she’s had in recent years, we can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be extra on-point for this Las Vegas run.

Instead of getting wrapped up in Mimi’s breathy vocals, many of her dedicated fans were blindsided by the announcement that was delivered with a sign outside of the concert hall at Ceasar’s Palace.

Lambs with tickets for Thursday will simply have to pick another night to come because producers stated that the concert would not be rescheduled. Failing that, they were offered a refund.

Well, whether she simply wasn’t ready to perform or is actually sick, Mariah has some time to pull it together. She’s not scheduled to do another show for a few more days.

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