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Does abstinence prevent violence and poverty? Those are the controversial claims of Kim Wilson, the founder of the Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence program, which encourages African American and Latina girls to practice abstinence.

“70% of black kids are born outside of wedlock. We are dealing with kids that aren’t receiving a lot of attention from parents and a lot of them turn to crime. They turn to violence, prostitution, sex trafficking,” Wilson said. “Right now HIV/AIDS is the number one killer of of Black women 25-35. With over 70% of Black kids being raised by single moms, we have Black children who have no one who really wants to take care of them and typically the fathers are not there.”

Wilson says these kids turn to violence, crime and sex trafficking and that if more mothers delayed premarital sex and childbirth it would have a positive impact on their future children, and that those children would be less likely to commit violent crimes.

So systemic racism and institutional policies don’t have anything to do with the problems in poverty-stricken neighborhoods? Would abstinence resolve those far-reaching challenges?

“It not so much that abstinence will overcome those issues completely because those are issues that people have regardless but what it does do is give Black people the  chance to rise above those things. If you have a two-parent home for Black children and the mother and father are providing, they are getting the discipline they need and the education and so forth and because the parents are watching them closer, they won’t have time to get into trouble.”

Although teen pregnancy is down, Wilson believes that abstinence is a practice that will solve many community ills, including sex trafficking, which thrives on vulnerable young people.

“You’ve got to begin very early telling girls to start practicing abstinence,” Wilson says. “I was taught to keep my legs crossed and that it was the girl’s responsibility to do that and not the man’s because the girl are in much better control of their futures when they keep their legs crossed. The organization that we have is Christian-based and we teach them that premarital sex is a sin, based on the word of God.”

Wilson has been ministering in this vein for 20 years and is now operating on three continents. She says that her teachings “Experiencing God’s Best For Your Life” through abstinence, reach about 10,000 girls per month and train others to expand the ministry of abstinence.

“The Lord really put this in my heart when I was a young girl. Loretta Johnson is my late mother and she was a real committed woman of God and she was there for single mothers to help them make ends meet and get bette jobs and education and she did this with her own money. And I’m really carrying on that legacy. And there’s such a need for it, probably even more than when she was alive.”

Wilson also has a book The Abstinence Book For Women and Girls geared toward Black women. You can find out more about Wilson’s upcoming free Atlanta conference HERE. 

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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18 thoughts on “Kim Wilson Says If Women Of Color Practiced Abstinence, Their Lives And Their Communities Would Improve

  1. Darlene on said:

    Abstinence isn’t hard when you know who you are and place a value on your body. It is amazing what someone can achieve, and not settle for when they have an in-tact self esteem. It becomes a problem because too many women in our society feel they they have no value unless they have the love (or lack thereof) of a man; any man. Its also harder when you are black, female and don’t know what truly good, responsible men look like because you are fatherless in this era. Despite obstacles in life, we are all still under the obigation to be the best humans possible and pass it on to the next generation.

  2. greg on said:

    i agree with 10% of what she said, but to blame racist society issue on the single parent is crazy,this is a method they used to point the blame on single parents to get away from talking about the real issue, and their are a lot of successful people that cane from single parent home, so she using this as an escape goat, instead of talking about the real problem, these racist,laws & policy

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I hear you Melinda, while abstinence is fool-proof (unless raped), is the hardest to achieve. Abstaining goes against the natural order of things, people are meant to have sex that’s as you but it in our DNA and can’t be ignored. Education, if used wisely, is more effective. Being prepared is key. Ms. Wilson has chosen to teach abstinence as her cause.

    • Melinda B. on said:

      Unfortunately, she is setting herself and those young people to fail. You confuse children when you tell them wait to get married and don’t explain the responsibility, hardships, etc that come with marriage if you are not ready. I walked this mantra of “marriage before sex” when I was a teenager, but I asked myself the hard question…”Am I really ready to get married?” So when? I am willing to get married now, but I am more mature, established, etc. I’m done partying and sexing. If I married young, I’d be divorced young and probably a single parent anyway.
      They have been screaming “abstinence” since Biblical times…it’s not working, it never solely worked. It’s just like that fad to make girls abstain…”Promise your virginity to your Father wedding,” how did that turn out? Fail! Some girls even admitted they did it make their fathers happy. But where was the boy’s promises to their mothers?
      Parents need to take the hard road and have the right conversations with their children with education, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Or show them the videos about the STD’s…that scared the crap out of me as a teen and still does.

  4. My mom took my to the doctor for “hormone pills” to control my period at 16 and had a long talk to me about protecting myself. I was so confused because I was still a virgin and had no intention on having sex with anybody. We laugh about it now. 🙂 Married with three starting at the age of 30. Honest conversations with children works best!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Cokes I have a relative in your 16 y.o. situation, but her mom let the doctor explain the birth control I meant “hormone pills” to her so she would be well informed and know that she wasn’t promoting having sex, just controlling her cycle. Her mom is relieved that teenage pregnancy won’t be an issue…prayerfully.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I agree Chris, young men need to get the message as well. I think someone should champion that cause too. However, when young women get pregnant and decide to have a baby, they are stuck with their decision and the guy can walk away and a lot do. So in this case, women carry the burden of protecting themselves from an unwanted pregnancy, she herself is the first defense in an unwanted pregnancy.

  6. Melinda B. on said:

    I’m glad that Ms. Wilson is making it her life’s work to protect and encourage young girls to rise above the life they know. But I have grown tired and weary of the “abstinence debate.” Abstinence is not the sole answer, it’s not an answer at all to the problems in the black community and young men and women. It is just another choice on how to live one’s life. I understand the church has to make a stance on this and that, but answer me this…how long should you wait till you get married? And what if someone wants to get married young? When is the appropriate age to get married? When do we work on the sexual education of men and women and explain the consequences of their actions rather than the condemnation? What about programs that build self esteem and confidence? What about programs that give youth something to do that will help them meet their goals in life?
    You’re not going to stop people from having sex, but you can help someone make better decisions; stand up for themselves; say “No”; prevent rape culture; know that they have a purpose and meaning. Sex is in our DNA, our being, it’s part of human nature. I say these things not to bash Ms. Wilson’s work, but to question the simplicity to a complex situation.
    I have 2 B.A. degrees, I just bought a home, I have never lived with a man, I have no children, never been to jail, employed, Navy vet, never done drugs or drink much. I’ve never married and I’m 40 y/o…should I still be a virgin? Or is something wrong with me? I achieved what I achieved not by abstaining, but by striving, by educating, by pride, a by strength. No man defines my accomplishments, I depended on only me, I ignored the naysayers and I ignored the media…my body is my temple and everyone wipes their shoes when they come in, and everyone respects what’s mine. This is what we should teach our youth. What they should do, then they will be to busy to do the things they shouldn’t do.
    Thank you.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    While I do agree abstinence will prevent teen and unwanted pregnancies, there are others methods as well, birth control and education. Education alone won’t do it, but mostly when you know better you do better. It’s natural for young adults experiment with sex, but having the knowledge and “using it” wisely are effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I’m glad to see Ms. Wilson is championing this cause by educating instead of sitting back “pointing the finger”. Kudos to Ms. Wilson for taking an active role.

  8. Chris on said:

    Why wasn’t there any emphasis regarding abstinence and young men? This double standard angers me! We tell our daughters not to go out and have premarital sex; however, we don’t emphasize for the young men to remain abstinent?

    • Joy2 on said:

      I agree Chris. We very seldom hear talk encouraging men to abstain from sex. Instead it seems as though a man has a knot under his belt if he has sex. Let me be clear (as others have stated….sex is a natural part of our being) so thinking that most people will abstain is a little ridiculous (especially when it comes to adults). I have a 40 something year old friend that’s still talking about she’s waiting until she gets married to have children bc of her religious beliefs. To each his own….but I say “good luck with that.” That being….good luck with finding a husband, and good luck with finding someone that will marry you without having sex first. I’m a little older than her but no way in H would I marry someone without having sex first. For the record I was married for many years, and through the years I’ve had some great relationships… no complaints on my part.

      • Joy2 on said:

        Oops….I meant to say that my friend said (she’s not having sex with someone) until she gets married. Obviously if she doesn’t believe in having sex before marriage then she’s not interested in having a child out of wedlock. And, I’m with her on not having a kid without the benefits of having a husband. But as I previously stated…..good luck on finding someone to marry you without having sex first (and, yes I know that there are instances where someone has gotten married without having sex) but that’s not the norm

      • specialt757 on said:

        I just hate she wasted all those years not having sex lol. The reality is, she may never find a husband or even if she does maynot be able to conceive, it happens all the time.

      • Joy2 on said:

        @Special. Yeah I tell my friend all the time that she doesn’t know what she’s missing by not having sex.. Hey we’re adults here….sex is fun, and a stress reliever I might add LOL LOL

    • Melinda B. on said:

      I agree with you Chris; to often the burden and responsibility falls on the girls. Our young men should be taught to be more responsible too.

  9. Ron George on said:

    Great show on abstinence. Kim Wilson gets it and is making a difference, exactly what our young people need. Great story Jacque Reid!

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