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We wish this wasn’t a daily occurrence, but at this rate, it seems police officers are killing Black men for sport. The victim this time was 20-year-old Black Detroit man, Terrance Kellom (who’s name has also been reported as Terrance Kellum). He was fatally shot by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal officer who was attempting to serve a warrant to Kellom on Monday April 27. This officer happens to be a Black man, although his identity has not been revealed.

It’s being reported that Kellom was wanted for a robbery of a pizza delivery man and felony possession of a firearm.  When the Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team approached Kellom’s home at 1 p.m., they were allowed into the house. According to reports, at first, Kellom’s sister Teria said that her father told the officers that Terrance wasn’t there and that she asked to see the warrant. Officers told Kellom’s father that they would show him the warrant when family members left the home. The police then entered to search for his brother. A few moments later, the family heard the shots. 10 shots.

“The last thing I heard was: ‘Come out or I’ll shoot,’” Teria told the Detroit News. “They shot him 10 times. They shot him and then they put the handcuffs on him.” While Terrance Kellum had a record, that did not mean he deserved to die.

Police Chief James Craig told Detroit News that the officer was “confronted by the suspect who I was told presented a threat and the officer used lethal force.” This is also the same chief who told local news that Kellom’s father was also wanted on a warrant and said, “His father, who was at the scene, was also wanted for a nonviolent felony … a fraud case,” Craig said. “We can always pick him up later; we decided to let him properly grieve for his son.”

Craig says he was called to the scene because the family was understandably upset about Terrance’s brutal shooting. He met publicly with the family as TV cameras captured the tense moment.

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20 thoughts on “Black Man Fatally Shot 10 Times By Black Officer Who Felt ‘Threatened’ [VIDEO]

  1. @ Guest,

    Please don’t let your college educated daughter go out in that mess…don’t let those in the black community guilt or shame you into attending a riot or protests…they will not pay for you to get out of jail or help you get your record cleared…stay away from that mess.. I’ll never forget the image of that pregnant black woman that got her eye put out at a Ferguson protest by a bean bag shot by a police officer…bet she’s got the message and I bet she’s not travelin to Baltimore.

  2. When blacks attempt to tell you your oppressed, poor, uneducated and a victim..and you know that your not.. tell them how many empty seats there are in the Orioles stadium and to have a seat..any seat you want..lots to choose from..😛

  3. specialt757 on said:

    “…the Fugitive was shot by a BLACK cop, (black criminal lives matter don’t shoot me because I’m resisting)” What are you talking about? The sign this woman was holding had nothing to do with this particular article. Oooooh so you are that black man who says “yes sir Mr Officer, whatever you say, I’m a good n-word, I ain’t gonna cause you no problems Masta Sir. You want me to get down and kiss yo ass too?” You’re a piece of work. If you are black in America (no matter how good and successful you’ve become), white people still see you as less than them, ask Donald Sterlin. In their eyes you will never be equal to them.

  4. So the son was in the house? And had the father and sister been truthful
    and just had the son give himself up he would also be alive, father had warrants
    fine example for his children I’m sure the daughter is or will be starting her criminal career soon she’s learned how to lie.

  5. Look in the mirror..... Change start there! on said:

    The root cause of the problem is obvious…… It is the things we (as Afro-Americans) do that put ourselves in those unfortunate situations many times. The old saying “live by the sword die by the sword”, So if you want better we have to do better. If we as Afro-Americans change the way we respect ourselves and our communities that will change how people of other races even our own will perceive us in society. Yes I feel there is a still a race issue today but it’s no different when we kill ourselves actually we are doing them a favor in most cases. Someone can do a drive by and kill 3 and injure 2 and one person being an innocent 2yr old child. Where is the outcry for that!!!!! Situations like that happen every day but let a cop kill one of us the whole world has to know. Its sad that we blind ourselves to the pain we put upon ourselves killing each other but “spank the hand” if someone else (race or outside the community) does it. But all of this started long ago when we were slaves. Corralled up like cattle to be sold to the highest bidder. The pain of our race is much deeper than just throwing a rock at a policeman because we are angry. Its generations of pain and suffering some caused by others and some we placed upon ourselves. People like Al Sharpton instigate on the unfortunate “racial” killings if that what they really are. But you never hear him rally in the streets to “stop black on black crime and lets be smarter than they think we are”.

    • AMEN!!! I told my college educated daughter she bet not join her friends on the streets of B more marching unless her sign says “WHEN WILL BLACK ON BLACK CRIME MATTER AL?”

  6. Black folks shut their eyes, ears and mouth when a black cop kills, or black people kill…Notice the outrage of the Al Sharpton crew on the comments…they can’t bring themselves to be critical of black crime or black police officers, which means they only see a problem if it involves some one white and the victim is exclusively a black male.

  7. Chris on said:

    “There is a protest planned for Tuesday April 28 at 4:30 p.m. EST. Our hearts are so heavy. This is just too much. RIP Terrance Kellom.” RIP? Good riddance.
    Wanted for robbery and felony possession of a firearm and this Lifestyle editor Danielle Young plays the race card without knowing all the facts.
    Danielle, what are the chances of you being robbed or killed by honor roll students like Terrance compared to being killed by law enforcement.
    Stick to fashion and gossip.

  8. Clay Lomax on said:

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  9. Linda on said:

    Black Pigs are no different than the White ones.

    Once they put on those badges and guns they all think they are Gods in the streets!!!!
    This madness needs to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Just saw this sign a woman was holding up and thought it was pretty insightful:
    Black Crime = gang violence
    Arab crime = terrorism
    Hispanic crime = illegal immigration
    White crime = self defense

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