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Friday’s April 10th episode of Divorce Court has gone viral because a man accused his girlfriend of sleeping with…not one, not two, but every last member of the Wu Tang Clan.

“This sounds ridiculous, but he accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan,” Lia Palmquist told Judge Lynn Toler, prompting the whole courtroom to bust out laughing.

“She did,” claimed Nathan Sellers, while Judge Toler asked incredulously: “Well, do you even know the Wu-Tang Clan?”

Palmquist confirmed she did.

“I did. I had an amazing night, one night,” she claimed. “I had a really good opportunity.”

Judge Toler then asked:

“How amazing was it?” prompting Sellers to spitefully note: “She gave them some things.”

Palmquist said she hung out with the group after meeting them backstage after a concert. The party then moved to Wu-Tang’s tour bus and eventually back to their hotel, where they partied until 7 a.m., and discussed “a lot about politics.”

In Sellers’ words: “She gave them some tang.”

Still, Palmquist maintained that she did not cheat on her live-in boyfriend at the time. “Let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang was nothing but gentlemen. I would never cheat on him,” she claimed. “I would never be a bus-down or a groupie in that time of situation… I kept my lady parts together.”

Palmquist, the plaintiff, was accusing Sellers of bringing bedbugs into their home. She claimed the critters were laying low in a bed frame stored away in a unit, and she sought $3,500 in damages. The issue was that the episode was taped in 2014, and the bed bug incident took place in 2011.

The timeline prompted Judge Toler to rule in favor of the defendant. “You know you’re not getting any money, right?” she said. “You were sleeping with him after. There will be no recovery in this matter.”

Watch below: