'Spider- Man' actor Shameik Moore got honest with us for "My First Time" about the first time he slung his web, if you know what we mean.

Wu-Tang brainchild RZA shared his "My First Time" story on how the "Wu-Tang Financial" skit from 'Chappelle's Show' made for his TV debut.

Wu-Tang associate Grant Williams will get a $7 million settlement after spending 23 years in prison over a 1996 murder he didn't commit.

The infamously rare Wu-Tang Clan album, 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,' has once again been purchased by an unknown buyer after the U.S. government put the LP on auction to help pay off a $7.36 million forfeiture money judgment issued on convicted hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli.

Two men in Atlanta have been arrested for pretending to be the iconic Hip Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. They were riding around in a Rolls Royce, running up hotel tabs. According WSBTV, “A group of men driving around in Rolls-Royces posed as famous rappers to scam more than $100,000 from exclusive hotels, according to a […]

NEW YORK (AP) — The debate over who reigns supreme as the greatest rapper of the moment is never-ending and never settled. From LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee, Tupac vs. Biggie, Jay-Z vs. Nas, it’s a time-honored discussion that’s likely to be heard in any barbershop or boardroom where rap fans converge. These […]

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After the BET Awards, Black women collectively remembered Method Man’s fineness. And apparently, they haven’t been quiet at sharing their appreciation. But even before then, apparently the Wu Tang rapper has had some pull. Unfortunately, he’s a whole married man. On the BET blue carpet, likely before things got even crazier than they are now, […]

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  RZA says Wu-Tang Clan should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, considering the group has been eligible for induction since 2017. Artists are eligible for inclusion 25 years after the release of their first record, Rolling Stone notes. Speaking to the publication, RZA explained why the Wu deserves the honor. “I think we should [get in], […]

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In 1996, Dennis Coles, better known to his legions of fans as Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks (Ironman), one of the original members of the…

We know Shkreli as the Wu-Tang Clan album buyer, as he purchased the group's secret album for $2 million just months ago.

RZA has partnered with portable speaker company Boombotix to release a previously unheard Ol’ Dirty Bastard track titled “Obey Me.” The Wu-Tang Clan frontman initially came…

Officials are currently investigating a stabbing that occurred at RZA's New Jersey home early Saturday morning.