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Unless your name is Darren Sharper, you’re most likely to resume a regular life away from the prison system after serving time behind bars.

Apparently, that will not be the case for Sharper, who will end up serving nine years in prison for raping multiple women. According to the New Orleans Advocate, two New Orleans judges hold the former athlete’s fate in their hands as they must decided whether to issue a 20-year sentence in Louisiana or have Sharper treated as a sex offender while being closely monitored for the rest of his life.

Deteails of the pending agreement include Sharper being on parole in California after serving his time in prison as well as registering as a sex offender and narcotics offender. In addition, Sharper would be tracked by GPS and moved to Arizona for for lifetime probation after his parole is done.

Once he arrives in Arizona, Sharper’s presence will be made known to his neighbors, school groups and any employers. Adding to that is the fact that Sharper’s face, address and a description of his crimes may be posted on a flier.

And the punishment continues as the Advocate noted that Sharper would not be allowed to drink alcohol, go to a bar, use online dating, or travel more than 50 miles away from his home without permission from state officials.

On top of all that, Sharper’s penis would be also be monitored. That would require him to take lie detector tests while serving his lifetime probation in Arizona as well as the “penile plethysmograph” (PPG), a test that involves  a sensor being attached to the penis while various sexual images flash before Sharper’s eyes in an effort to gauge arousal. As for what exactly the PPG test does or proves is unclear, the Advocate reports.

If Sharper violates the terms of the deal and finds himself back in prison to serve the remainder of his sentence, the conditions of his probation will continue. The rules of the probation will still carry over, even if Sharper finishes his sentence.

“There will never be a time he will be finished,” a person familiar with the deal told the Advocate.

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