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Last week, the unfair arrest of University of Virginia junior (and honor) student Martese Johnson ignited protests across his campus. After he was denied entry into local hangout Trinity Bar (over accusations of a fake ID), he was accosted by three Alcoholic Beverage Control agents who went on to beat Johnson to a bloody and bruised pulp, and then he was arrested. A new photo has surfaced and shows Johnson was also chained by the ankles, as he remained cuffed and bruised sitting on back entry of an ambulance truck.

The new photo adds to the disbelief of what should have been a calm situation. Johnson’s face was so drenched with blood, he looked like he just came from battle, so why was he then also placed in chains? The connotations of it are beyond


New witness accounts have gone against the ABC agents who insinuated that Johnson was acting rowdy and drunk. One of those witnesses so far is Trinity Bar’s owner Kevin Badke who said the UVA student “seemed sober.”

Yesterday, Johnson had his first hearing for his charges of public intoxication and obstruction of justice, he planned to announce a non-guilty plea but the prosecutors requested the investigation to be extended and the case will meet again on May 28, scheduled for 10:30AM. On that date, a decision to proceed with the charges will be made. But what are Virginian authorities going to do about the brutality that the three ABC agents exhibited? We’ll wait.

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5 thoughts on “Newly Released Photo Shows That UVA Honor Student Martese Johnson Was Shackled During His Arrest

  1. ambientbake on said:

    Sounds like this Martese was a drunk jerk who did not listen to and respect the police officer’s commands. He deserved everything he got.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    The use of shackles is common while perps are hospitalized or are otherwise not under positive police control. Without them, the perp could take of running. Shackles are not illegal and there is nothing lawsuit worthy here. This article is full of sh!t.

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