New Report Exposes The Lack Of Diversity In “Liberal” Hollywood [VIDEO]


A new report released by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA reveals that Hollywood is dominated by White men.

The Hollywood Diversity Report found that 94 percent of Hollywood film studio heads were white and 100% male. 96 percent of TV network heads are 96 percent white and 71 percent male.

Minorities only made up 11.8 percent of minority filmmakers, 17.8 percent of film directors and only 5.9 percent of scripted show creators.

Dr. Darnell Hunt, Director of the Ralph J. Bunch Center for African American Studies joined Roland Martin Wednesday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss these shameful diversity statistics in supposedly “liberal” Hollywood.

Dr. Hunt told Martin, “When we see that minority and women writers get in they tend to hit the glass ceiling pretty early in their careers and they don’t get to the point where they can actually create show and become showrunners.”

“Shonda Rhimes is the prominent exception to the rule but, for the most part it’s been very tough for women and minorities in writing,” said Hunt.

“Hollywood relies upon the idea that what they do is a craft, it’s art, you can’t regulate it, you can’t legislate it. If you interfere with the creative process somehow, you’re not going to produce a great product and of course White men, because they traditionally dominate the industry are the ones who win the Academy Awards, they win the Emmys and they have a corner on what counts as quality, as art and so it makes it very hard — it becomes a vicious cycle for women and minorities to kind of break in to show that they are viable, they’re seasoned  and they can be trusted with $100 million budgets.”

Watch Roland Martin Dr. Darnell Hunt Director of the Ralph J. Bunch Center for African American Studies at UCLA, Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Digital Editor for Ebony Magazine and Dr. Jason Johnson discuss the Bunche Centers 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report in the video clip above.

Download the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report: Flipping The Script for a full break down of diversity in Tinseltown.

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4 thoughts on “New Report Exposes The Lack Of Diversity In “Liberal” Hollywood [VIDEO]

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    What diverse projects are Spike Lee, The Hughes Bros, Tyler Perry and the rest of black Hollywood working on? The irony of a website called blackAmericaWeb speaking about diversity is laughable! We can’t call out white folks while doing the same things they are- closing ranks. Imagine the outrage of HWCUs, IVORY magazine, Miss White America contests etc. We are our own worst enemy!

  2. Nolan on said:

    Us against them” mentality that’s at the very root of every form of bigotry – racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. and play on that aspect very effectively . Go here:

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