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Having sex is one thing. Having sex on TV for everyone to see is another matter entirely.

But apparently, it helped one couple. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Dallas-based couple Jarric Tucker and Taylor Bell praised the show “Sex Box” for providing a way to repair their relationship.

Nevertheless, the idea of making love on the small screen initially raised a flag for Tucker.

“I was shocked,” he says. “I was like, ‘What kind of show is this?’”

“Sex Box” centers on couples that discuss their relationship and romance issues on camera in front of a studio audience and a panel of experts. From there, the couple is encouraged to step into a giant soundproof cube for to have sex. A frank discussion about what the coupe did in the cube takes place afterwards under the theory that the moments immediately following lovemaking are the ones where couples are at their most honest and trusting.As stated by Tucker and Bell, “Sex Box” came at the right time to help them as they celebrate their second wedding anniversary later this month.

“The three judges — I mean therapists — actually gave us a lot of good advice with our relationship,” Tucker told the Morning News via a telephone interview. “So it was definitely worth going on there.”

“One of the main issues in our relationship was that my confidence level was way down after giving birth to our son,” Bell confessed. “I didn’t feel good about my body. I’m still working on that. And we needed to communicate more.

“Before the TV show, our communication was nonexistent,” she continued. “If he was mad or if I was mad, he would go sleep somewhere else in the house and it never was talked about. But later the old arguments would arise again. So we’ve gotten on the right track with our communication.”

Although it did wonders for Bell and Tucker, “Sex Box” has rubbed some folks the wrong way. Last week’s launch of the We TV program resulted in protests from the Parents Television Council, which had a problem with the show’s “outrageous, disgraceful” content. More than 38,000 signatures have been collected by the PTC in an online petition that urged We TV executives to reconsider airing it.

In response to the protest, We TV ran an ad in the Hollywood Reporter as well as made a plea on its website asking viewers to watch the premiere of “Sex Box” before signing the petition.

“I think We TV went about it the right way,” Bell says. “They said, ‘Please view the show first. Then, if you want to sign the petition, we’ll give you the link to it on our website.’

“I feel like the show has opened up a whole new discussion forum about relationships,” she added. “I don’t see it as being anything wrong. The therapists are trained to analyze people’s problems and help figure out a solution. And viewers can learn a lot when it comes

to their own relationships from watching other people putting their vulnerability on the line.”

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(Photo Source: Dallas Morning News)

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