Apparently Lady Gaga’s one-man security team didn’t get the memo about India.Arie, who called out the security guard for preventing her from saying hello to the “Cheek to Cheek” singer.

Arie tapped Gaga on the arm as she walked the red carpet Sunday for the Grammy Awards with Tony Bennett.  It was then that the security guard stepped in to deflect Arie’s hand, thereby ruining the moment.

From the looks of it, Gaga didn’t see Arie, in light of all the media that was trying to get her attention. The security guard, in doing his job, seemingly didn’t know who India.Arie was as she came out of nowhere to get a word in with Gaga.

Nevertheless, Arie was not a happy camper and voiced her displeasure on social media via the following tweets:

– when I reached to speak to @ladygaga her security swatted my wrist – clapping something hard against my turquoise bracelet #Grammy2015 smh

– Lets squash this now – everyone responding to my @ladygaga tweet – i know her i wanted to speak like did everyone else i saw i know.

– Her securty swatted my hand – SHE didnt see me. And my point is not @ladygaga my point is — this is the energy of the hollywood bubble

– I give and expect respect – but some people aren’t like that – and yes I was upset because @ladygaga security guard TOUCHED me.

– I was Not upset because @ladygaga didn’t SEE me. I don’t like being touched aggressively. Period

– Its not MY focus. Just an experience. Thats all. I Define me. If u can’t see me for who i am *shrug* if you dont LIKE it.

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