It took one simple "who's Brandy?" comment by white rapper Jack Harlow to spark a social media outcry in defense of an artist who many see as a Black music pioneer. Unsurprisingly enough, the one currently leading the Brandy Brigade is none other than fellow soul crooner, India.Arie.

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While sharing throwback pictures on Instagram for the #10YearChallenge, Grammy-winning musician India Arie decided to vent about her negative experience in the music industry.

Among those who want to tell Tom how much they love him is India Arie! She thanks Tom for giving her the opportunity of a lifetime to sing with her all time favorite artist, Stevie Wonder. They sang together at a Sky Show and then went to Tom’s house for a meal. Tom recalls her […]

India Arie has a new album out now called Worthy. She decided to title it that because we are all worthy, meaning we are “deserving of regard or respect.” Arie feels that message is so important for right now because we’re living in a time where social media pushes the idea that we have to […]

Here’s a look at some of our awesome In Studio Jams! Enjoy!

Grammy award winning singer India Arie is featured on the season finale of Centric’s BEING, a docuseries that follows the lives of prominent black women through struggle and perseverance. Does she reveal anything that may shock fans? “I feel like most of us have stuff in our childhood, but someone tried to kill my mother.” […]

India.Arie is defending Chrisette Michele‘s decision to sing at an inaugural ball for President Donald Trump. Arie says in an open letter posted on TwitLonger on Wednesday that she “never” would have performed at the ceremony herself. But she says Michele shouldn’t be “shouted down or abused” for doing so. She chalks up Michele’s decision […]

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India.Arie has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the casting of Zoë Saldana as Nina Simone in the upcoming biographical film about her life. The 40-year-old, who portrayed Simone onscreen in a 2003 episode of “American Dreams,” has been vocal in her opposition to Saldana in the role. She saw an early version of “Nina” […]