Leana S. Wen, MD, MSc, FAAEM, is an emergency physician, patient advocate, and public health leader. On January 15th, 2015. Dr. Wen began serving as the Health Commissioner for Baltimore City in the administration of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. The Baltimore City Health Department is the oldest continuously-operating health department in the United States, formed in 1793.


Dr. Wen answers your questions about doctors, transparency and health care. For more of her bio, head to page 2. 

Do members of the military and their families have the same [transparency] issues with military doctors?

Generally not. Military doctors and other doctors who are paid salary do not have the same financial incentives to pay more to do more.

Are hospices prone to discouraging patients who want to continue to fight for their lives in a hospital setting to retain the money they are making for the patient?

Hospice programs do wonderful work to care for people at the end of life. Their incentive is to care for you, not to retain money for hospital.

Dr. Wen, when your primary care physician refer you to a specialist are they getting a kick back from the referral?

Kickbacks are not legal. You should ask your doctor exactly why you are getting a referral.

Good morning. Question – If you have a condition that worsens, should you ask for a second opinion and where should you get it from?

If you are not sure about the advice you are getting from your doctor, ask again. If the answer isn’t one you’re comfortable with, ask for a second opinion.

I’m a 20-year veteran and work for the VA. I would like to know if the doctors get paid for the affiliation and how should I do something about it or if I can do something about it?

Check out our website at

Could you provide me the name of the website to review a doctor’s compensation process?

Check out for more on that information.

Dr. Wen, will you face repercussions for revealing this information?

Watch my TED talk for more information on what happened when I began the website HERE. 

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