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Zane needs no introduction. Since releasing her super sexy debut novel, Addicted in 2001, Zane has kept our juices flowing and has dominated the literary scene.

But the undisputed queen of erotica has done more than just turn us on: she’s given us the freedom and the courage to explore our sexuality, celebrate our fetishes and indulge in our forbidden fantasies. Although most of the world is convinced that her books are all about hot sex, Zane is deeply passionate about liberating women sexually and empowering them outside of the bedroom.

With the high-grossing major motion picture, Addicted, under her belt, Zane continues to prove that she knows how to bring the heat and is the master of seduction. Her highly titillating work sheds light on real-life issues such as sexual addiction, infidelity, unplanned pregnancy, multiple personality disorder, and more.

In this unforgettable, grown and sexy interview, we get up close and personal with the world’s most successful African-American erotica writers in history.

Some have criticized you for writing ‘mommy porn’, but your work has substance and a strong, empowering message. What is the overall message you want to send to women? Is the message different for your male readers?

Zane: I am not offended by the opinions of others. Those are their opinions and they will never have any kind of effect on what I write. That much I can promise you. If I was going to be concerned about what others thought, I never would have put out my first book. Books 31, 32, and 33 come out in 2015. I am assuming that “Mommy Porn” refers to mothers who are sexually active. That sounds silly because I have yet to meet anyone who got here any other way than through a sexual act. People take issue with women wanting to have sexual gratification their own way instead of simply being vessels for the pleasure of men. That is the only thing that makes sense to me.

My overall message to “everyone” is be transparent about who you are in this world, understand that not everyone is going to agree with it, and realize that it is okay. So what, actually? Life is difficult enough so why not enjoy the moments that you can enjoy? Intimacy is a true human need and desire, despite a lot of people trying to claim differently. What happens within the confines of someone’s bedroom needs to stay there.

You have helped liberate women and men sexually and brought back the passion in their relationships. What is the one thing that you are most proud of when it comes to your work?

I am most proud of the fact that I have given women the permission that they were seeking to be themselves. A lot of women did not realize that their thoughts were normal until they got hip to what my characters were doing. I believe that women are even more sexual by nature than men, and not the opposite. I am glad that I have made thousands of them, if not more, realize that.

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