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Yes, we know it’s hard to believe that alcohol could actually be good for something, but it’s true! Research from the American Heart Association has shown that small amounts of alcohol can raise HDL or “good” cholesterol.  As a rule of thumb, men shouldn’t drink any more than two glasses of alcohol a day, with no more than one glass a day for women. It’s important to note, however, that the American Heart Association doesn’t recommended that people start to drink if they don’t already.

4. Add more fish to your diet.

Fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.) is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to lowering cholesterol. Although it’s best to get your omega-3s directly from fish, it’s perfectly fine to take fish oil supplements as long as you check with your doctor first. If fish isn’t really your thing, soybeans, flaxseeds and walnuts also contain omega-3s but not nearly as much as fish, of course.

5. Don’t smoke.

Smoking lowers your HDL a.k.a. “good” cholesterol levels and additionally, smoking is a major risk factor for heart disease and lung cancer, among other serious health issues.

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