Everyone loves a nice, long, relaxing vacation, right? But, like the holidays, vacations have become synonymous with gaining weight. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep those extra pounds far, far away. If you’re planning for a vacation in the near future and want to stay fit and healthy, then you’re definitely going to want to check out these three simple tips. Who knows? You might even lose a little weight during your vacay!

1. Do your research.

A crucial part of vacationing is dining out and getting to know a city and/or country through its food, right? Before you purchase your plane ticket(s) and book your hotel room, take the time to research and locate a few healthy restaurants in the area. Hey, we take it upon ourselves to plan out the activities we’re going to do! Why not do the same with our meals? Also, bringing along a few healthy snacks (low-fat Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, unsalted pretzels, etc.) can be a lifesaver when in you’re in the middle of sightseeing and those hunger pangs just won’t let up.

2. Don’t neglect your workout routine.

When booking your hotel room, be sure to ask the receptionist if there’s a workout room somewhere in the building. Don’t just assume that every hotel has one because they don’t! We’re not saying that you have to spend every minute of your well-deserved vacation stuck in the hotel working up a sweat, but in between sightseeing and dining out, there’s no harm in swinging by the hotel and squeezing in a half hour of exercise. Oh, and if you’re staying somewhere tropical, running on the beach makes for an intense workout!

3. Ditch the car.

Instead of renting a car for the week or taking a taxi, bus or the subway everywhere, opt for good ‘ole fashioned walking or bicycling as you tour the city/country. Slowly but surely, more and more cities are becoming bike friendly, offering rentals and stations where you can go to “park” your bike so you don’t have to lug it around with you all day. Not only is it a much cheaper alternative, it’s also a great way to burn off those calories and stay in shape.

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