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The season two trailer of Starz’s hit series Power is here, and it looks like it’s going to be another great season. In addition to being the show’s executive producer, 50 Cent will reprise his role as Kanan, who will gun for Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) and cause a rift in his friendship with Tommy. 

By looking at the trailer, we see Ghost is still making poor decisions that will surely get his entire squad into trouble.

Before season 2 kicks off this summer, check out nine mistakes Ghost has already made in trailer.

1. He’s still with Angela.

Ghost has been acting irrationally ever since he got back with Angela, his high school sweetheart. He always tries to let her go, but the two keep finding themselves in compromising positions with will most likely backfire later.

2. He keeps lying to Tommy.

Sure he doesn’t have to tell his partner-in-crime everything, but it would be in his best interest to keep Tommy clued in on the important things.

3. He’s not in fear for his life— and he really should be.


Although he shouldn’t act completely fearless, Ghost should really pay attention to the fact that someone tried to kill him at the end of last season. It may do him some good to be discreet.

4. He trusted Kanan too much.

There’s no way that Kanan, who was on top of the drug game before he went to prison, would be comfortable with slipping to the number two position now that he’s free. And since he already put a hit out on Ghost in the season one finale, Ghost should take a second look at his so-called friend.

5. He didn’t see Kanan’s betrayal coming…

Because he was too wrapped up in Angela. See point number 1.

6. He shouldn’t have reopened Truth Nightclub.

Ghost made the drug business legit by using the nightclub as a front. But when a murder occurred inside the club, he had to shut it down. He could have been smarter by starting a different business, yet he continues to attract more problems in the same spot.

7. He didn’t cover all of his bases with Angela.

By now he should know that his woman is a federal prosecutor— because she’s actually investigating him, but she doesn’t even know it yet. How is it that he is still in the dark?

8. He should trust his wife.

His wife Tasha holds ALL of his dirty secrets, so it would make sense to not get on her bad side. Tasha is already distrustful due to his affair, and she wants him to end it. But Ghost isn’t doing that anytime soon. One wrong move, and Tasha will destroy him, and make a mad dash with the mad money she’s been stashing away.

9. Ghost, why are you still in the drug game?

Ghost wanted to leave the drug scene in season one, but those plans got away from him. Now that he’s gone as far as killing people, getting out of the game is best.


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