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2. Labial dying

I’m still not sure why ladies are so obsessed with the color of their labias. I hear all the time, ‘Dr. Drai, I don’t want a pale vulva!’ The skin beneath your pubes is very sensitive, ladies, therefore it can easily get irritated – not like your scalp. There are several products on the market which will remain nameless for this interview. Ladies do this in the comfort of their own home after a wax. Be careful! Some ladies complain that these dyes get in your sheets, underwear and even on your partner during love making sessions! By the way, sometimes changes in color can be a sign of vulva cancer. Don’t cover cancer up, ladies!

3. Vulva bleaching

Let me just go ahead and answer your question – Yes, bleaching the vulva is just like anal bleaching, which is still popular. This is how it’s done: An acid is applied to your waxed vulva in a spa or you can apply bleaching lotion or gel at home. Remember, bleach can cause irritation, blistering or even chemical burns. I have treated a patient with a chemical burn of the vulva in the office. Don’t do it.

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