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Now more than ever before, the viewing public is bombarded with images of vulvas in many shapes and sizes. There are several practices that have come into mainstream popularity over the last decade that may seem healthy to those who want to improve upon their image, but they are far from beneficial. To help shed some light “down there,” board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Drai sat down with me to share the three vajayjay trends every woman should avoid.

1. Vajazzling

Shine bright like a diamond! For you novices, have you ever heard of bedazzling? Well, vajazzling is the same thing but just on the vulva. This is how it goes: you wax your vulva and hand-glue each stone – crystal by crystal or diamond by diamond – in a design on your vulva. I have seen many sparkling designs, from hearts to names of boyfriends. You never know how a freshly waxed vulva will react to the adhesives. I have seen many ladies break out in rashes down there due to this. Fellas, can you imagine getting busy with a vajazzled vulva? Those stones, of course, would be scratchy on your genitals. One patient complained that her man swallowed a diamond during oral sex.

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