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BRIDGETON, N.J. (AP) — A newly released video shows a tense traffic stop last month in which a man stepping out of a car with his hands raised at shoulder height was fatally shot by police.

The video from a police car dashboard camera shows Bridgeton officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley in a Dec. 30 traffic stop that escalates quickly after Days warned his partner about seeing a gun and then saying that the vehicle’s passenger was reaching for something in the car. It ends with passenger Jerame Reid disregarding Days’ order to not move, getting out of the car and being shot to death.

The officers had pulled over the Jaguar for rolling through a stop sign, and the encounter started friendly. But after Reid tells Days that they had stopped at the sign, Days suddenly steps back, pulls his gun and tells them, “Show me your hands.” Days tells his partner that there’s a gun in the glove compartment and then appears to reach in and remove a handgun.

The driver, Leroy Tutt, is seen showing his hands atop the open window on his side of the car. It’s not clear what Reid is doing, though Days repeatedly warns him not to move during an interaction that lasts less than two minutes.

“I’m going to shoot you,” Days shouts in a speech laced with profanity. “You’re going to be … dead. If you reach for something, you’re going to be … dead.”

“I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing, bro, I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing,” Reid says as Days continues to yell to his partner that Reid is reaching for something.

Reid then says, “I’m getting out and getting on the ground.” Days tells him not to move, but Reid repeats that he’s getting out.

The passenger door then pops open, but it’s not clear whether Reid or Days opens it. Reid then emerges from the vehicle. His hands are at about shoulder height, and they appear to be empty. As he steps out, the officers fire at least six shots, killing him.

Days is out of the frame when the shots ring out. It’s unclear how many times each officer shoots.

After the shooting, there are shouts from people who are in the area and other police and emergency vehicles arrive. Tutt follows officers’ commands, gets out of the vehicle and calmly lies down on the street.

The video was first obtained through open records requests from the South Jersey Times and the Press of Atlantic City.

The shooting has sparked protests in the southern New Jersey city. The case came after some high-profile killings of unarmed black men by white police officers across the country last year. Reid, Days and Tutt are black; Worley is white.

Activists are calling on the Cumberland County prosecutor to transfer the case to the state attorney general. County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McCrae has recused herself from the case because she previously knew Days. First Assistant Prosecutor Harold Shapiro said Wednesday that he could not comment on the investigation.

“The video speaks for itself that at no point was Jerame Reid a threat and he possessed no weapon on his person,” said Walter Hudson, chair and founder of the civil rights group the National Awareness Alliance. “He complied with the officer and the officer shot him.”

Hudson said Days had options other than firing his weapon, but “he didn’t take the other options.”

The National Awareness Alliance & National Action Network’s Atlantic City chapter scheduled a news conference on the shooting for Wednesday afternoon.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave while the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office investigates the case.

Reid, 36, had spent about 13 years in prison for shooting at New Jersey State Police troopers when he was a teenager. He was also arrested last year on charges including drug possession and obstruction; Days was one of the arresting officers then. Relatives said he had a baby son.

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21 thoughts on “Video Shows Man Shot By New Jersey Police Raising His Hands

  1. Fan of the show. Thank you al, for proving US a voice… regarding the news of this story reported on the radio this morning between 6:15 -6:30, the young woman’s report contradicts some of the visible facts in the video. Please watch the video. Both parties envolved, the shorter and the young man who is now home with God, in some way shape or form, are the victims. I personally feel our officers need up training in tactical procedures, emotional inteligence, and modern cultural differences. Any decision could have been made by the officer to deescalate. That’s his job, peace officer. Look at alaska state troopers: there is an etiquette of law that is needed. The old way of policing is no more. We need reform to deal with the new age

  2. Concerned Party on said:

    Linda: if you don’t like America (assuming you live here), MOVE!. If you can’t for some reason, learn to respect her, and at minimal, learn to spell her name.

    All of the above posts (except for Linda’s disrespectful post) are spot-on, and that is to LISTEN to the cops when they are giving you orders, – you aren’t in the ‘hood’ anymore when you are being ordered by the law to do something.

    I’ll add my comment and simply say this: Gig’s up, – no longer is this “hands up, don’t shoot” cowardly bull-crap line gonna work for you anymore. He forced his way out of the car, – you can clearly see the officer “gyrating” trying to hold the car door closed to keep him in. In his mind (officer), he KNEW that if the perp got out, there was a GOOD chance that the ex-con passenger would try to “bull-rush” the officer, just like Michael Brown did in Ferguson.

    The right thing happened here, a useless ex-con was shot and killed, and it took a black officer to drive the message home, and that message is the same as I just said: Gig’s up, – “hand up, don’t shoot” is no longer gonna work for ya, – you arrogant basturd black thugs are “naked” now with NOTHING to hide behind as an excuse for ignoring authority that your fellow gangsters in the “hood” taught you was so “kwel” to do. Slowly but surly law and order will “de” program that out of the black community.

  3. americanize on said:

    Theirs some questionable shit in this video but the bottom line is if ur stop by police do what the say,if you don,t you could be killed over dumb shit like a traffic stop.

  4. jerome white on said:

    murder plain and simple, but no one will go to jail because the police that killed him is the same police that will be protected by a corrupt leagal system

    • Concerned Party on said:

      And no one NEEDS to go to jail either (they already DID). Apparently 13-years wasn’t enough jail time for the cop-shooting thug, and he didn’t learn to listen to the authority when ordered to do something. Apparently also didn’t read the fine-print in his jail graduation/exit packet/paperwork: Felons are *NOT* allowed to possess a gun, or be anywhere NEAR a gun. (this is what happens when you don’t learn to read in grade-school).

  5. Emile Regan on said:

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  6. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er day murdered this brother for his pass transgression against the police. These mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  7. Why in the hell did he insist on getting out of the car? You spent 13 years in the pen for shooting at cops, they know it, and you disobey an order not to move? WTF?!!!

  8. These unjust police shootings, are beyond an anger mentality. … Then this country is wondering why it is being attacked by terrorists.

    “What Goes Around, Also Comes Around;” America!

  9. If someone tells you NOT to get out of the car and NOT to move, then why would you do the opposite of what you are being told???? I think black males have a really hard time with taking orders and authority or authority figures in general…many do not believe they have to listen..this is a clear case of someone not taking orders and really believing he had the right to exit his vehicle when asked not to. Officer Days knew this nut job spent 13 years in prison for shooting at why would he trust this same person who ignored his command to stay in the car?????

  10. STOP THE BS on said:

    Black men, please do yourselves a favor and listen to what the officer is telling you to do. YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE AT THIS TIME. This will continue to happen as long as black men do not follow the police instructions. You know they’re already scared of you; one little move and they start shooting. If you want to die, get out of the car, when the officer is clearly stating “STAY IN THE CAR.”

  11. So Reid had a propensity to fire upon police and with Days being one of the arresting officers of past indecent Days was mindful of that, 13 yrs in prison he spent most of his adult life behind bars

  12. Monica on said:

    I’ve watched the video and it seems Days knew exactly who was in the car and intented to shot him. Days even called Jerame by his name. And why did Days go to the passenger side where Jerame was sitting and ask for his drivers license? Isn’t it protocol to ask the driver for his license if he supposedly ran a stop sign, not the passenger. Something is just not right.

  13. So sad-however, these killings by PIGS will continue across Amerykah as long as grand juries exonerate them.

    Murder by PIGS is the 21st century version of lynching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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