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Don’t wait for baseball start Matt Kemp to start gearing up for diaper duty.  The San Diego Padres has denied reports he and his stylist Nchimunya Wulf were going to be parents. The rumors started to fester after a picture of Nchimunya appeared online via Instagram with her holding what appears to be a baby bump. Kemp, who famously dated R&B songbird Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian in the past shot down a story X17 ran claiming he and Nchimunya have been secretly dating for the past year and were expecting a baby.

Kemp remarked on Twitter:

Welp! I guess that takes care of that. X17 has since apologized to Kemp for the story and claims their source had their intel all wrong about Kemp creating a family. Kemp hasn’t spoken out if he and Nchimunya are currently in a relationship either. Nchimunya hasn’t cleared up rumors  herself if she is pregnant or seeing Kemp and has since made her IG account private.

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