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Things don’t seem to be going so well for Tank these days, so he’s having a pity party.

The latest from the singer is that he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in bed along with what you’d basically call a rant.

‘If I look tired it’s because I am. I’m deeply saddened and disappointed that Stronger will not get a video or continued promotion it deserves!,” he starts off with.

The Stronger he’s referring to is his latest album which was released back in August. Needless to say it hasn’t sold very well; it’s first week of sales was under 17,000 units.

In any event, Tank is blaming you for not supporting him. He also says maybe it would help if he’s been born a different complexion.

Here’s what he said in its entirety:

If I look tired it’s because I am. I’m deeply saddened and disappoint that “Stronger” will not get a video or the continued promotion it deserves! I’d love to blame @atlanticrecords but that would be a lie! It’s tough for record companies to continue to fund music that people don’t support! I pride myself on giving you real musicianship, real singing, real lyrical content and being true to the music that inspired my very existence. The problem is there aren’t many people left that want to hear it or buy it and if there are they won’t stand up and be noticed! Who am I doing this for? Who am I maintaining this so called integrity for? Not many as u can tell by my first wk The artist that don’t give a fuck sale the most and do the most! Should that be my new route? Maybe I should have been born white then all of my music would go straight to mainstream and pop radio instead of urban ac.. A format that continues to kill the true R&B artist! (Not mad at white artist just to be clear!) What I do know is that i will not continue to be faithful to something or someone that is not being faithful to me. I love you but I have a family. I have a mom and dad just like you. I have goals and dreams just like you. I refuse to work hard for nothing. I look better, sing better, produce better, write better, and perform better than dam near everybody and this is the thanks I get?.. Again I’m not angry I’m just tired.. Please enjoy my last real R&B album “Stronger” cause you’ll never get another one! #letterfromaking 

Fortunately for those fans who think his Instagram post meant he was done with music, he cleared that up, as well as the misconception that he doesn’t like darkskinned Black women. He says that comments made on his social media accounts about his light-skinned girlfriend/baby mama Zena Foster were totally misconstrued. 



In response to a Twitter user, Tank said:

And then clarified:

So everyone’s clear on how Tank feels now…great. Now if you’d like to actually support the brother, you can buy Stronger here. 

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