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Denny’s CEO John Miller didn’t want to call in his good news to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, so he actually came down to the Red Velvet Cake Studios in Dallas, Texas to deliver it in person.

Denny’s has been partnering with The Tom Joyner Foundation for the last 12 years to ensure that students remain in the HBCU of their choice. Denny’s has already donated over $500,000 to education.

Denny’s started the “Hungry For Education” program last year, inspired by Tom Joyner himself. Last year they started out with $250,000, this year they’ve given $250,000 and in 2015, they’ll give even more.

“While a lot of people are cutting back, we thought it would be a good time to step up because people are dropping out of school. And the door to a future, to change the world, to have a better life, really starts with education. For kids who are dropping out of school that chance is diminished,” Miller says.

Twelve deserving students will get a chance at a scholarship if they can get their applications in before next Wednesday, December 17th. Head to the Tom Joyner Foundation website to apply.

Miller is on the board of Wilberforce University, an HBCU in Ohio with the distinction of being the first HBCU in the United States. Miller encourages students to apply there, as he’d like to see the enrollment grow at the historic institution. (You don’t have to go there to get a scholarship, though.)

“There are a lot of great things happening there. What better than to have a diploma hanging on their wall from the first historically Black college?”

In addition to the Hungry For Education scholarships, Denny’s is sponsoring Slammin’ Breakfast and The Gospel Show on the Fantastic Voyage 2015.

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