It wasn’t like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey to blow up at Porsha Williams during a lunch date she had with her. But Bailey had enough of the lady’s disrespect.

“I feel an ongoing issue in this group of ladies is the blatant disrespect for people’s time. It is just rude and inappropriate,” Bailey wrote in a BravoTV blog.

She added, “it also says a lot about a person to have no regard for another person’s time (no call or text) and feel no need to apologize. I find this behavior extremely irritating and actually offensive.”

In past seasons, tardiness has been an issue and the ladies asked each other to respect each other’s time. But Bailey admitted she was too hard on Williams.

“I never should have allowed my frustration to take me out of character. What could have been a respectful cordial conversation between two grown women ended up being a pointless waste of time,” she said. “My mistake was not leaving after the customary 15 minute grace period.”

Bailey apologized about how she handled the situation. And Kandi Burruss gave her two cents about the whole ordeal.

“I think people called her a follower and have taken her kindness for weakness for so long that she just wants to let everybody know that she’s not weak,” Burruss said.

Burruss added, “every time she feels the slightest bit of disrespect, she goes overboard trying to put that person in check. Now, she comes off as this mean girl.”

She concluded with, “she can’t win for losing. If she’s too nice, she’s weak, and if she’s too aggressive, she’s a b*tch.”

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