treated unfair

“Girl, she lives right down the hall from me. I gotta change dorms!” – Gina

7. One time is all it takes.

The List. We all have one. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s equally scary to think about how many times you may have put yourself or someone else at risk for a life-changing disease.

one time is all

“The shorter the list, the smaller the risk.” – Dwayne

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8. People can be really, really ignorant when it comes to AIDS.

Did Terrence “Little Brother No Play” really come up in The Pit with a scarf on his face?! Not only can people be ignorant to the facts, but their actions can be even more ignorant (and hurtful).


“There’s a lot they don’t know about this particular disease.” – Gina

9. People with HIV/AIDS need allies and support. 

Thank goodness for people like Mr. Gaines and Kim Reese. With the stress of managing a disease, work (and the fear of losing a job) and life overall, having allies in their corner is critical to the health of someone living with HIV or AIDS.


“…you’re more dangerous to her, standing here breathing your germs on her.” – Mr. Gaines

10. Couples in healthy relationships talk openly about sex, including the risk of HIV/AIDS. 

Talking about sex needs to happen before having sex. Know your partner’s health history, their concerns and talk about the elephant in the room that is HIV. AIDS isn’t just something that happens “to them”; it can happen to you in your perfect relationship, too.

healthy couple

“She’s part of the age we live in.” – Dwayne


Thank you, A Different World, and thank God for syndication.  We need more shows like this. Check out the full episode below.

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