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Governor Nikki Haley appointed South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott to his position in 2012 after former Senator Jim DeMint stepped down. On Tuesday, Scott was elected into the senatorial seat and became the first Black senator voted into office since the Reconstruction Era.

Scott is also the first Black person to serve in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Scott, born September 19, 1965, was reared in North Charleston and later graduated from Charleston Southern University.

Scott’s political career began in 1995 when he served on the Charleston County Council. He was the first Black Republican to hold office in the state since the late 19th Century. He stepped down from the Council in 2008.

Scott was then elected to the state’s House of Representatives, serving in the post from 2009 until 2011. His U.S. House of Representatives bid began in 2011, and ended in 2013 when his senatorial appointment began officially.

Analysts predicted that while Democratic challenger Joyce Dickerson would prove to be a formidable foe, that Scott would come out victorious. He was able to easily vanquish Dickerson and acknowledged the historic win via Twitter Tuesday night.

“My skin color is talked about often. Tonight I want to talk about it for just a moment,” tweeted Scott. “In South Carolina, in America, it takes a generation to go from having a grandfather who is picking cotton to a grandson in Congress.

Scott added, “I want to speak to the future leaders of America. Don’t let anyone define you but you. You have a responsibility to be yourself. Be proud.”

Scott will only serve for two years in the seat as DeMint’s term was not done. If Scott chooses, he can run in 2016 for a full six-year term.

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6 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Tim Scott

  1. Because this brother does not believe in the viability of welfare and other entitlement programs (because they have kept poor folks- especially blacks down for over 40yrs), some of you black folks call him a sell-out. LBJ told you what his plan was with these programs and it is working. That is just stupid!

  2. Jazzdancer on said:

    He is not a Lincoln Republican for sure and may not be his own man which means he may be a joystick for the tea party anti-black birther wing of the Republican party. Unless, he steps out and proves that he has some relationship with the aspirations of the black community, he will be defeated in 2016 when the Hillary wave washes away many weak Republicans without solid anchor.

    • So you are saying that if this man doesn’t agree with you, or views the world through your eyes then he must be a joystick under the control of racist whites. So basically he only has to choices in life according to you. He can be a joystick for racist whites or a joystick for you.
      I feel bad for you jazz. Go to church. Learn of God and everything God has done for you. Learn to love your neighbor.

  3. I find him contemptible. He wants to repeal the ACA, Voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress and wants to impeach the Pres,, but he says nothing about his own party racist attack against the President and turns a blind eye to it. He is walking talking embodiment of a sellout.

  4. Marcus on said:

    The story left out that Mr. Scott is part of the T-Party. And good friends with Ted Cruz.
    Congrats Mr. Scott we are proud of you and we know that you will do a great job.

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