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Comedian Artie Lange is known for not only crossing the line, but denying that one ever existed in the first place. And he’s done it again. This time, it’s with ESPN “First Take” host Cari Champion. Lange took to Twitter to share his sexual fantasies that starred Champion and of course Lange’s fantasy involved slavery (the below tweets are NSFW):

“The chick on ESPNs First Take is so fuckin hot! Trying to maintain erection and jerkoff to chick on First Take but they keep cutting back to Stephen A Smith and the white guy. Frustrating! I want the Chick on First Take to laugh at my white dick! Here’s the scenario I’m using to jerkoff to chick on First Take I’m T. Jefferson & she’s my slave. She beats the shit out of me & runs free. Then I cum and she’s free! The Happiest ending ever! Then as reparations I make Skip Baylis my slave! This is a God Damn mini series! Your thoughts? Podcast in 3 weeks

SMH, racism and sexism in the same damn tweets! And then he kept it going with:

Online harassment is a real thing and Lange has proved it…on a celebrity level. Thank heavens for social media because it allows for immediate activism and people have launched campaigns like the Hollaback video, Instagram accounts like @ByeFelipe and Tumblrs like When Women Refuse” to give voice to the issue of harassment that women face online and off.

In response to Lange’s awful tweets, #iSupportCari ignited on Twitter. People began tweeting their support for Champion and their disdain for Lange’s lack of sense. This hashtag is amazing because someone needs to support Champion since ESPN or even ESPN “First Take” still hasn’t defended their host. Maybe they should take a lesson from southern rapper turned father of the century, T.I. as he defended his female protege Iggy Azalea when Snoop attacked her image on Instagram. ESPN’s silence is to be expected, because honestly, who ever defends Black women? *sigh* We’ll defend ourselves.

Cari Champion tweeted these words of wisdom the day before Lange’s terrible tweets, but it’s eerily fitting:

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11 thoughts on “Comedian Artie Lange Tells Disgusting Slavery Jokes About ESPN ‘First Take’ Host Cari Champion

  1. clariol on said:

    I like some white folks mostly tv people an some singers. But really I don’t trust them far as I can spit..There Fathers and Uncle and G-dads are the old slave masters.

  2. Shouldn’t be too surprised, white men have raped women and girls in this country from slavery. That’s why black people have different shades of complexion as a result of it.

    And white America is so quick to say they are “not racist,” but yet keep saying and doing racist thing to black people; following an apology when they get caught on it.

  3. Funny how ESPN gave Steven A. days in the street over his Ray Rice comments, but when its their own they remain silent. That in itself proves the racism that’s present at ESPN!

    • This guy is a comedian and does not work for ESPN. They cannot reprimand him for these comments but the stations that air him or the venues that book him can do something.

  4. White folks really would like to make African-American’s Slaves again in the 21st century-they resent us and are under the assumption that we receive way too many “handouts” from the goverment-when in fact it is them who receive all the corporate WELFARE!!!!

    They better rethink that DREAM cause it ain’t gonna happen!!!!!!!

    The way Artie Lange looks all he can probably do is himself-what women in her right mind would wish to be touched by that!!!!!!!!!

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